Assembly Centers

Currently, all the forces in the automotive industry to ensure the comfort of motorists. Modern technology is already sufficiently cope with the task to ensure an enjoyable driving, such as regular radio with navigation, car alarm with auto, heated seats, or speakerphone. In adjusting the centers of the additional equipment is also not lagging behind the fashion center managers, installation offer their customers new advanced services. Installing car alarms with auto engine. Car alarm with automatic winding allow the engine to warm up the car, as a consequence of this can heat up the passenger in winter or cool the interior in the summer, unless of course the car is equipped with air conditioning. Auto-start the engine very good function, started the car at home, 10-15 minutes salon has a warm, sat down and drove off. Installation of alarm systems with color dispeem.

This is the latest car alarms, they can only be two way communication, and in which the model is present autostart engine. Menu color keychain holds both in the mobile phone, it allows you to quickly find the desired function. Use the system with a color display is very convenient. The price of this car alarm a little more than the usual two-way car alarm, but the comfort and convenience justify the money. Installation of gsm gps car alarm. With the help of gsm car alarm can fully control the car alarm on your mobile phone within range of your network operator. Sending SMSku on car alarms can be opened or close the car, turn off the shock sensor car alarm, make autorun engine, as well as sms messages come alerts triggered car alarms.