Astrid Suess

The TDOR alerts the public to hate crimes against trans people and creates a public space for the mourning and honoring those TRANS individuals, who would otherwise forget. Originally from the United States, the TDOR takes place now in many parts of the world. This year, events to the TDOR in more than 120 cities in 17 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania held on 20 November. Sadly, have to be this year, more than 160 people to the list of those who remembered, mourned and will be honored, added, as an update preliminary results of the transgender Europe’s new research project, the trans murder monitoring “-project, revealed.” The research team of the trans murder monitoring project compiled data arise from a systematic gathering, compilation, and analysis of deaths from trans people worldwide. You reveal a total of 162 reported cases of murdered TRANS persons between November 20 and November 12, 2009. The first 10 half 150 murders of trans persons were reported in months of 2009.

It should be noted that only a fraction of the actual numbers are even this extremely high figures. The reality is much worse. These are only the reported cases, which can be found through an Internet search. Official data do not exist and neither estimates of underreporting, that are not possible. The cases have been reported from all six regions of the world: from North and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Most of the cases have been reported for North and Latin America, with the vast majority of cases in the United States (13), Brazil (41), Venezuela (22) and Honduras (16). In total, 124 murders of trans people in 15 Latin American countries were reported last year.

The killings reported from Latin America make up 75% of the total number of reported murders in the last year. The most recent update of the preliminary results also reveal that 16 murders of trans people in six European countries (Italy, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom) have been reported in the last year. In Asia, murders of trans people in India and Malaysia, in Africa in Algeria and in Oceania were in reported in New Zealand. Overall, the preliminary results show reports on murdered TRANS persons in 26 countries last year. Updating the provisional results of the transgender Europes TRANS murder monitoring is in the form of lists, statistics and maps in German, English and Spanish language presented at the Web page of transgender Europe project. The German presentation of results can be found at tdor2009deutsch. At this point further to the international Transgender Day information of remembrance as well as a list of all locations where events to the Transgender Day of remembrance will take place. Transgender Europe contact Dr. Carsten Balzer and Astrid Suess, MA research at