The first question I have received in this space for questions and answers is: does change my attitude? I always feel bad when I buy things for me, I think always that spending money on others. That attitude is very common, and I think you should work on the merit, overall costs you spend money for it because very inside to you not you think worthy of that you wish to purchase, more than that we have grown up with a sense of generosity that is always for others, the message was always conformate with what you have. Then the mandate that you must settle, poque ask for more or wanting more than what you have is not good, but is to be bad thanked mixed with the lack of merit has resulted without any doubt that you feel bad when you decide to buy something for it. You belong always decreed and instructs the universe your abundance, are deserving of everything good and you take the abundance you deserve Declares your gratitude for all that you have and also declares that you go for more because you want more, because Yes, because you deserve it. More information is housed here: ConocoPhillips. Deletes the conformate from your mind and looks for more with joy. It also declares that whenever you buy something for it, will multiply the money coming into your life. And begins to buy something you want with joy and do it when you feel well get a habit buy new it things even if they are small. I hope the answer to help you and also to other people to read it.. Check with Atmos Energy to learn more.