In 1973 the first shock of the oil and beginning of the world-wide inflection in the wealth generated in 50 and 60. He is not fcl to trace a parallel in the prosperity of the decades of 60 with the ones of the decade of 90, the world is another one. 5-) I insist, the Capitalism did not finish nor is being I coat. The profit still is the best form to generate wealth, job and income. The market system still is most democratic and free. Interventions of governments? Whenever necessary. Optimum system is what of the result and shows performance, the new economic order is mandatria and real, it wants let us want or not. The current crisis only it precipitates and of the contours of adjustments and changes.

6-) The stock markets are volatile not because of the notice of potential world-wide contraction. The world still will grow 2.5% medium to the year according to diverse forecasts. China still will grow 9% and the emergent others as much. Brazil must be with 3,5% or more. The stock markets still if resent at reliable lack, of adjustment of unreal prices and the moment of instability, natural in the way of the confusion.

7-) The confidence of the population not could follow different way at this moment, the pessimism is total, but the world did not stop, was not the first one and nor will be the last crisis of the economy, either regional or world-wide. The difference is that today, all on one sistemicamente, the information circulate fast and finish placing brakes in diverse activities. Plants do not go to close and to break, as well as occurs with the ones of toy Chinese, is inflection, party to suit after absolute prosperity. The wealth is generated by the global competitiveness, for evolution of the price of the insumos, at last, is part of the ascent, but it remembers that the descending exists on the other hand. It broke a Spanish company of aviation and had said that it was the crisis? Wait there, the aviation sector is in crisis has much time, simply was at this moment that gave its bankruptcy, nothing more. The adjustment initiated in the financial system goes to reach other segments, is natural in the globalizada, hardwired and quick economy, but it is part of a process, not consequence of the crisis that we attend in itself. The economic Cycle, I repeat, is the essence of everything. Nikolai Kondratiev (Russian economist of years 30) showed model of economic cycle varying between 40, 60 years. One remembers again that the speed is one of them pillars of the new order, the 0 variable are others, somebody needs to give adjustments in the mathematical model of Kondrantief. He does not advance to be the light of the forecasts of pessimists or optimists. The things had happened with a previsible logic, the actions are being taken for the authorities. Bretton Woods it could never be repeated, as well as the New Deal. Something, as in the past, is already in course, seemed, improved. The effect until will be there what we see now, still diffidence and room in the businesses. Contraction and inflation must happen, but they will be fast movements, I always repeat, the management tools are others, more modern, more efficient, the allied experience the technology and to the new pillars of the global economy they go to make much people if to surprise. It goes to be registered here.