Computer Games

Imagine now that you’ve proposed you place your website be number one with the keyword (keyword), computer games. Unfortunately for it, there are millions of computer games-related websites, and used this term as a keyword for positioning and to be found by search engines. Search engines are distinguished and classified (among other methods), by its quality checking many links pointing to it. He thinks that each link or link that points to your page represents a vote for the quality of its content (or so it should be). Links therefore are extraordinarily important when it comes to rankear pages in the search engines, with the terms computer games.

It is not surprising then, than a tempting theme for spammers, who have created a host of tricks to fool the search engines. Links farms are the most popular method so we are going to see it in the first place. Farms of Links (Link Farms) with this name is called a spam whereby spammers technique created a page with hundreds of web sites with the sole purpose of search the search engines. Spammers create farm and filled it with thousands of links to other web sites that are those who benefit from the system are and are targeted to position within the search engines. Those engaged in the world of marketing need to distinguish between legitimate directories and links farms, so that requested their inclusion in directories real avoiding farms that can also harm them. How to detect a farm of Links? You can see that in these farms, each category of the directory has dozens and dozens of links, most of which any visitor can use, this can be a good starting point to detect one. Your suspicions should be increasing if the URLs seem to be simply strings of words separated by dashes. Or a tool check and locate the IP addresses of the visitors you reveals that the most of them come from the same block C (the same set of IP addresses within the network).