Construction Tools

Domestic and foreign manufacturers offer a huge selection of construction tools – from traditional, proven over centuries to the latest innovations. Distinguish professional and amateur (Household) tools. Due to the intensity of the use of professional tools are made of better quality, durable, wear-resistant materials. Unprofessional tool more simple and cheap often universal and versatile, handling them requires no special skills. In all cases, construction equipment should be safe and secure. In the arsenal of every member of any construction profession and home craftsman hand tools is necessarily present. This is a real second-hand – skillful and strong.

Hand tools can be a narrow purpose and versatile. The most common hand tools: hammers, keys and a screwdriver, screws, pliers, pliers, kruglogubtsy, side cutters, pliers, uzkorezy, pliers, claw hammer, sledge hammers, chisels, bolt. In the construction and finishing work can not do without a hand tool: – building a brush for various applications, ceiling brushes, rollers – trowels, trowels and floats, trowels, jointing, spatulas, scrapers, and the cycle – the technical and knives for linoleum, glue guns, sealant and foam – tools for working with plasterboard – tools for working with tile and glass (cutting pliers, irons, kafelerezki, tile, glaziers). For the various works on fast, accurate, high-quality cutting in a straight line different materials (metal, wood, stone, ceramics) used cut-off wheels. These special grinding wheels are made from solid alloy and special powder materials. Differ in the degree hardness profile and grain structure with a diameter (110 mm to 400 mm) thick (1 to 4 mm), the type of binder (vulcanite and resin). In addition to non-reinforced cut-off wheels, industry produces reinforced to enhance strength of fiberglass or fiberglass.

Cut-off wheels wear, are not afraid of high temperatures, quickly cooled, they are safe. They are used for cutting hand electric and complex machinery. Cut-off wheels are made of solid metal or metal cutting circular saw blades for wood, not very different solid materials (plastics, nonferrous metals, stone). Made of metal, more durable cut-off wheels with carbide inserts on the edges. To market a wide range of cut-off wheels for different applications with different diameter, an angle of (direct, negative, positive) and its geometry (Trapezoidal sharpened), number of teeth. The quality of construction and finishing works, where necessary to accurately define horizontal and vertical (floor leveling, laying bricks and tiles, marking the holes and lines), tested with the building level. Manufacturers offer various levels of construction: a 300, 500, 700 mm, the aluminum level, alcohol magnetic, magnetic shaped, pipe, hydrostatic. Recently, construction layout technology are increasingly used high-precision laser level. Diamond tools recently introduced widely in the construction of modern, high-performance diamond technology. When processing very hard materials, such as cutting and drilling concrete and reinforced concrete, stone, ceramic brick, diamond tool is commonly used a wide range of applications: installation and diamond drill drilling, drilling a variety of plants using water and dry, rough special equipment (breakers, shvonarezchiki, wall saws), for cutting and polishing (Wall Chasers, cutting and angle grinders machine). Made on the basis of diamond chips diamond cutting and polishing discs and segmented circle, diamond rope saw for cutting reinforced concrete, diamond drills and bits – the fastest, high-quality solution even the most complex and time-consuming tasks.