Naturally, the base has been centralized. After some time in the database has collected information on thousands of devices, the performance has fallen sharply and become resemble a turn-based strategy. Continued use of this product has become impossible. I had to do "debriefing." The base itself was implemented as a DBF files. In essence, customers are not treated to the database server data and worked with the base as with regular files, which increases the size of the latter resulted in a sharp loss of productivity.

Moreover, when analyzing the structure of the database revealed the error data corruption. Such problem is especially severe in large organizations. For smaller organizations, performance issues may not be as significant. Now, about data security. The question that many simply ignored, and absolutely nothing. Data security is dependent on the choice of database technology and work with it. Clearly, if the database is considered part of the client in the form of files, anyone can make it unauthorized changes or even completely destroy the base. This is the case, for example, all products 1C version 7 and below – any user can at least get all the data base.

This situation exists in many projects. I would like to remind their owners that the 21st century. Optimal in terms of security situation – is to use a client-server technology to the imposition of control of user rights (and the business logic) on the server side. If your organization has IT equipment accounting program used by several people, the question arises about the division of rights.