Development Committee January 2, 2017 at 4:08 pm

The object of the month: Small scale for Cereal El object of the month: small scale for Cereal by mean scale (Latin: bis, lanx, dish) to a mechanical device employed in households, laboratories, companies and industries in order to determine the weight or mass of a substance or object. In the story, the mechanism used in the first scales, turn the simplest gadget, is what we know as of equal or parallel arms. This type of artifact was used by civilizations as old as the Egyptians, there is evidence that the balance was used some 2500 years before Christ. She is represented in numerous bas-reliefs and Papyri from ancient Egypt. In the second millennium BC, appears the balance of dishes, as a symbol of Justice and Universal order, given that it was measuring through which each could give what is fair and deserves. Although all were very similar, the inside mechanisms made were more or less accurate, depending on what was to be used. Some of these are: balance of cross, balance of cymbal, balance of pharmacy, precision balance.

Our object of the month, this scale, belonged to the Phoenix mill, old mill Candelaria, owned by Carlos Casado, which was sold to Jose Thedy in 1886, who the power it do not operate efficiently, rented it in 1889 to German Emilio Werner. Over the term of the lease, this acquired facilities of the Phoenix along with his two brothers. A remarkable increase in productivity was obtained with his administration. Profits were reinvested in buying other mills of nearby towns, and the first to possess large capacity silos became one of the leading exporters of flour in the country, also. He had social recognition, which resulted in the election of Werner as President of the Development Committee of that time. Later, Phoenix-Werner mill provided Villa Casilda electric power for more than one decade. FACT sheet: Donor: Francisco Malano tab entry: No.

332 Description: this scale consists of a bar in perfect counterbalance, from which hang two dishes, one on each end, and is sustained by the Centre in a point of support. The faithful is a needle of bronze that indicates the right balance among the dishes in the center of this Fulcrum reads: F.B. and D.V.Posee three weights that lead letters and recorded numerical scale. MEASURES: high 37 cm. wide with dishes 44 cm. long arms 30 cm. diameter of dishes 12 cm. base 7 x 7 cm. MATERIALITY: bronze. AGE: Approximately 100 years condition: very good trivia: the Museum of the scale, Barracas, Capital Federal, has over two thousand different models of scales, among the more unusual, according to its director Sr. Bernardo Fernandez, there is a rod of bronze 500 years that was used both for fuelling the elephants as for weighing opium in the India. There is another, according to statements of the director, of incalculable value, a French postal scale of the Bourbon period.

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