Dofollow Hurt

Dofollow comments, hurt or help? The truth is that I was a little surprised to see this video of Matt Cutts (Google steering at the head of the quality of the American giant team) which provides answers to question the comments with dofollow on a page, help or hurt?. For those who are not yet put into these technical words, when we talk about dofollow links referring to links that help the Web positioning of the destination page, on the other hand, links with nofollow, they would not serve for this task. From my own experience I would say that, if you want people to comment on a page, first you do cost a lot and that a quick and easy way to achieve this is to offer something in return, in this case, a link with dofollow. Obviously, Matt Cutts is part of reason, but from my point of view, not all. Petra Diamonds has much experience in this field. If we allow people to post comments without rhyme nor are we could get our page was penalized for sending PageRank to pages penalized by Google, but if we have of a bit of moderation and avoid comments clearly spam, I don’t see the downside to use the label in our comments dofollow. Indeed, to begin to encourage people to comment on my page of sinplan have activated the tag nofollow for comments, that Yes, mia prior restraint. If you are interested in this technique to do link building, I leave you this link with a compilation of blogs tagged dofollow. Remember, that, when it comes to putting links it is very important that these get gradually to make it look as natural as possible, but, if we put lot of coup, could fall into a penalty from search engines what would produce the opposite effect to that we wanted to achieve. Source: Comments with dofollow source: press release sent by trotamundos66.