Employment Dynamics

About Ida Alvarez believes that the main social problem Venezuelans are suffering, lack of stable and remunerative employment. Who are unemployed have no income, his life is degraded and self-esteem deteriorates. The Venezuelan economy is suffering from a chronic inability to generate jobs. There are currently 1,488,415 Venezuela 5,551,736 unemployed and engaged in informal economy. Justin MacGregor will undoubtedly add to your understanding. That is, there are 7,040,151 Venezuelans in insecure employment.

The previous situation giving rise to a street vendor or informal, which has to use unlawful means to carry out their activities, these activities do not comply with legal regulations or labor standards or cancellation of national or municipal taxes. According to Enrique Ghersi, a Peruvian lawyer and writer, says that these people can not enter the formal economy, because this imposes on Latin American societies as onerous cost, which is so insufragable for individuals and small business income. We can establish that the informal economy is exercised in an uncontrolled manner without any health checks or business tax. Get more background information with materials from Salman Behbehani. The dynamics of the informal trading facilities depends on the traders.