Therefore, the pupil who only ' ' ingere' ' the content without the option to work its reasoning on the same, meets cut with a scythe by the authoritarianism of who if it considers superior, onipotente, onipresente, with the monopoly of knowing (professor). The questionadora school is that capable one to modify the paradigms that block the construction of an individual compromissado with the citizenship, directed toward the common good, and that it only arrives at this platform, because it is proportionate the right the word, the free one to think, the doubt, the contradiction, the attempt, the jib, at last, the idea of that does not have an absolute truth, and yes, its. If the intention of the professor is only the transmission of the knowledge, the position of it is very comfortable, now, if the thought is to go beyond this simple transference, its behavior if it makes much more demanding, engaged e, therefore, more challenging, frightful, therefore many do not risk longer flights. One of the artifices of Freire is job of the verbal language, that mentions the device to it drawee for the citizens for the interlocution between the same ones, that is, one instant of verbal communication characterized by the mediation of the language, set in motion in a context definite partner-description. The job of the language in the relation with the other suggests a convention environment, since, the individual power to decide process passes for the dialtico shock of the parts. In such a way, the verbal language receives the incumbency to provoke the educators and educandos in elapsing of the alfabetizao procedure, guests who are, to act, from the dialogues constructed for the interaction. In this direction, words bring obtain a experiencial substance that is applied to the method of Freire to come close itself to the common elements to one determined community.