Heat Tiles

Poor tile usually is not more than one season, and rapidly cleave loses its color. For the production of quality tiles require certain conditions: the use of high-quality imported dyes in the proper dilution, use of a suitable type of cement and in the correct proportion with sand, exposure in the forms of at least 3 days, adding to the cement aggregates – gravel or crushed stone screenings. Naturally, these conditions affect the final cost of the tiles. The undoubted pluses vibrocasting Tiles can take it a smoother surface, rather than a vibropressed tiles, although for many buyers just rough surface vibropressed tile preferred. The minus vibrocasting tiles include the fact that for all its quality indicators, it is still not strong enough and durable for use in areas of intensive use (parks, squares, boulevards). In this case, to use on private territories for vibrocasting tiles are no restrictions. Price for such tiles of good quality starts from 700 rubles.

per sq. m. Lower price for the tile vibrocasting likely indicates a low-quality goods. 3. Granite cobbles Undoubtedly, the granite – the eternal stuff and glassware the most stable and durable.

The diverse range of colors and techniques of stone create a wide range of granite paving stones. On how to distinguish between treatment split, stab-sawn from the slab (top-bottom sawn with heat treatment), stab-sawn from a pencil or a bar (top-bottom chipped, sides Sawn) and pavement. In pavement with the front surface of the sawn Heat treatment is required, which makes the surface rough, ie, not slippery.