Heavenly Realms Through

Natural lighting elements facilitate cancer patients treatment round 450,000 people get estimated that in Germany every year new cancer. In about half of all cases, the tumor cannot be fought by radiotherapy. In the quartier 21 of the radiology Alliance Hamburg cancer patients a professional treatment thanks to modern therapeutic procedure: the linear accelerator Varian Clinac DHX medical system ensures a fast and precise radiation, which is tailored to the individual clinical picture of the patient. Benign conditions can be treated successfully. The therapy is complemented by detailed reproduction of a celestial body: Watch the patients during their treatment no longer on a gray ceiling, but in a bright blue sky. The windowless treatment room is thus significantly brighter and bigger.

Dr. Giro, specialist in radiation therapy, is convinced of the advantages of this innovative lighting installation: “our patients appreciate our virtual Very heaven! Very pleasant I think this establishes a deceptively real looking sky illusion in our treatment room.” The relaxing and stress reducing effect on patients facilitates the treatment often perceived onerous. While the use of co-ordinated lights and colours has a positive impact on the well-being of patients. For this reason, throughout the world hundreds of medical facilities use the unique natural views of the sky factory. In addition, the virtual roof window (SkyCeilingsTM) meet the specific requirements in the Radiology: they are toxin-free, radiation-resistant and compatible with high-frequency environment. Radiology Alliance Hamburg-radiological Alliance offers modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the fields of Radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. It was founded in 2009 by three renowned radiological trade practices.

The radiology Alliance has become one of 10 locations in Hamburg. Via the sky factory, the sky factory products are based on digital images and connect the aesthetics inspired by nature with advanced image technology. The company was founded in 2002 with headquarters in Iowa and is represented in over 50 countries worldwide since then. The German headquarters in Hannover, Germany is turning and focal point of customer care for the countries Germany, Austria and the Switzerland. In addition to the SkyCeilingsTM, which installs as a virtual skylight on the ceiling, wall-mounted virtual WindowsTM the product portfolio.