Helen MacKenzie

I could feel the ship responds to the rudder turn to feel the water rising from the waves, slow on the block. Robert L. Carter might disagree with that approach. I could see what was happening as the gusts hit and the sails or stirred in the header or the boat capsized in the elevator. And that was my problem. The boat capsized. I guess I'll eventually get used to, but I can not be comfortable sitting at an angle of 25 days, watching the black waves that seem dangerously close to my feet. Inflatables do not fall, or at least if they do, they are not too difficult to bring back upright.

Yachts are different. It supposed to turn over, and was not supposed to swear blindly and gibber at the head when they do. And the noise! I thought the candle is supposed to be quiet! What with the wind in the sails and the boat slooshing through water and the depth gauge beeping every two minutes, was not peaceful. So I learned a lot: I learned that there were many things I did not know. And my husband learned a few things too – most especially, there are some things you just do not say to reluctant sailors who have agreed to come aboard, "Amuy good! Well, why do not we try to invest outside the square and then we remove them from the sea! "It's only a tiny loss? no worry! "No, yachts, of course, not anxiety? Not unless it is really windy! "" I know the depth gauge is ringing.

It is not really functioning properly at the moment. "eMirelo this way, the boat really can not dump more than it already is." "When I said 'aim of the buoy, I did not to hit that! "I, on the other hand, we now know is not good to say:" So, these cabins are great, right? "" Which way is the wind comes again? "Is this a tack or a jibe?" I want to go home! "" Wow! The engine is supposed to emit much smoke? "AO! Sorry! Hatches are supposed to close?" What happens if I press this button? "'You told me not to tie it on! "And finally," Well, it was not so bad? "It seems I have another lesson outlines for next Tuesday. Previous article – July 2005 – In support of the reluctant sailor. Helen MacKenzie is a freelance writer. She contributes to the website in website offers articles, guides and news on sailing and cruising on the west coast of Scotland.