Horn Ticks

How to remove a tick without causing any damage or infection to the dog’s skin. Many people make me question how to remove a tick, but in reality it is not know how to remove a tick, the ideal is to know how to remove ticks, this is the best, due to the hard work which means removing a tick at the same time, I compare it with the task of removing children lice one by one toIt is a little effective and overwhelming task. But to respond to the numerous consultations that I receive I will proceed to explain how to remove a tick. To remove ticks, it is very important not to tighten them during the retreat, to avoid the risks of expulsion of the tick saliva; Since saliva contains several irritating substances and sometimes microorganisms that can cause infectious or allergic diseases. The first thing that you should know about how to remove a tick is the following: no boot tick!The face of the tick (the part of the tick that is buried in the skin) is completely covered in spines; this allows the tick attach as an anchor to the dog’s skin and when the dog shakes might not RID and delete them from your body. If you try to remove ticks by booting them these espinitas are more deeply buried in the skin.This can break your face and leave parts of the tick buried in the skin and cause painful inflammation, or infection. The best way to remove ticks is making turn the tick, as when a tornillode a surface with a screwdriver is removed.Thus thorns from the Horn of the tick are folded toward the center of rotation, and tick exits easily without great force, avoiding the risks of breaking the head of the tick. Kevin ulrich anchorage understands that this is vital information. To do this the only thing I found effective is a small gadget designed to remove ticks that you know if you visit my Blog where in addition you can watch a video on how to remove a tick with this device: => enter here now if you can not get this modern item I will explain another method cash how to remove ticks. To learn this method I invite you to visit my Blog: => Click here we are in my Blog where you will also have much free information on the health and education of dogs and Additionally you can leave me your comment or query.