Intelligent Buildings

Effective planning – managing the pillars (the distance between them should not be less than 6 meters), the rational relationship between the columns and windows, a sufficient number of parking spaces in the underground parking, modern security systems and ventilation systems, good engineering. 7. Floor loading. Allowable load 400 – 450 per 1 sq. km. M. 8.

Window. Modern high quality windows, a large degree of natural light, nice view from the windows. 9. Conditioning and ventilation system. 4/2uh- ventilation and air conditioning, climate control system. 10.

Telecommunications. Should be fiber-optic telecommunications, not less then 2 independent high quality provider of telecommunications services in the building. 11. Electricity. Two independent power supply or ups (uninterruptible power supply) (power supply tenant must be not less than 50 watts per 1 sq. km. M living space, plus 20 watts) 12. Parking. The presence of guarded parking lot (at least 1 space per 100 square meters. Marenduemoyploschadi). Most often, there are both ground and underground secured parking. 13. Elevators. Most modern high-speed elevators leading manufacturers. 14. Infrastructure. The presence of the central reception desk on the 1 floor, cafeteria / canteen staff, atm, fitness center, hair salon and other modern amenities. Offices The most prestigious Class A meet all these criteria. In addition, each year the requirements for Class A offices increased. For example, there were 'smart offices'. Intelligent Buildings – a complete solution, combining most comfortable working conditions for employees and management, control and regulation of the entire infrastructure of the business center from one location, duplication and redundancy of vital business systems.