Internet Access

For the writer the communication: she is strategical for the advance, of the fight against the racism and the development of the black community in everybody. Thinking globally, in Africa, the Caribbean, countries where it has blacks, the communication makes possible that groups historically without representation have voice. This voice can be heard, be written and published for the interactive technologies (Internet and its tools). But if black pupils will not have access the technological medias as they go to give to voice its constructed cultural identity throughout the historical process of the history of Brazil? According to reporter Petronilha Beatriz Goncalves and Silva does not treat itself marcadamente to change a etnocntrico focus of European root for an African, but to extend the focus of the pertaining to school resumes for the cultural, racial, social diversity and economic Brazilian. In this perspective, she fits to the schools to include in the context of the studies and activities that they provide, description-cultural contributions of the aboriginal peoples and the descendants of Asians, beyond the ones of African and European root. (IT HISSES, 2004, p.17). When we hear the speech on all these technological resources applied the virtual school, of a impression of that the majority of the schools, of the black pupils () and not-blacks () already have or will have, in little time, access to all these resources, mainly to the computer and the Internet.

However, it is important to register at this moment ' ' exclusion digital' ' between whites and blacks. In accordance with survey of the PNAD carried through in 2001 of the percentage of the population of whites and blacks with access to some digital technologies, the black population presents a considerable inaquality in relation to the access to the computers and the Internet. Below, we present the percentage of the population with access to some digital technologies, for race: We perceive that the percentage of blacks () that it does not have access is considerably bigger.