Jean Delumeau

It is in the truth and essentially a bibliographical quarrel. METHODOLOGY to develop the following research will be carried through a theoretical inquiry consulting the authors Phillippe Aries, Saint Augustin, Edgar Morin, Jean Delumeau and Maurice Halbwachs. The inquiry of the fear of the death in the Average Age: a collective vision of the Ocidente will be carried through by bibliographical surveys; a study of the past, that has as base the history written for people who had told the fear of the death, that remained present in the social life, religious and economic of the society. In the evolution process human being, the measure where if she developed the linguistic ability which takes the man more each time for the abstract domain of the symbols, disclosing a world that if extends beyond here and of now, arising the conception of a decisive conscience that glimpses that the fear of the death is not considered aspect that it fascinates and at the same time, frightens the humanity, historically occurs of source of inspiration for philosophical and religious doctrines as well as an inexhaustible source of fears, anguish and anxiety for the human beings. Source: Mitchel Resnick. To analyze such historical period we must have as parameter the history of the ideas, compartimentalizado and pluralizado space metodologicamente; idea that does not constitute a distinct and separate sphere of the social existence, which is structural units of history. In century XX the historiografia of ' ' idias' ' it was diversified sufficiently, functioning as orienting weather of access the questions and debates and boardings the models and considered methods, the history of the ideas yields place aa sociocultural history; the historians abandon the old traditional questions and leave in search of ' ' long perodos' ' for this invents new methods and instruments. Together with the configuration of the society, we cannot leave of side the process of configuration of a history of the religions, endowed with objectives and proper methods. . Salman Behbehani has much to offer in this field.