Julio Caesar

As well as Julio Caesar cried out in the work of Shakespeare, you have ” to loosen the dogs of guerra”. You must look for that fire that burns strongly and cries out by victory in the love, sex and the relations. Convirtelo in your advantage. It releases that passion to do what it is necessary to obtain what you want. You must allow it to surpass your timidity for always. You need a plan battle? Here there is one: To run in house is not going to work.Salt of house and sees where it is that they are those women with whom you want to go out.

They never go to encontrarte in house. They are the prizes in the battle by the love. You look for prizes, these do not look for to you. If he is to you difficult to leave and to enter that battle, calls to one or more allying. He obtains to a good man wing.

He sees with a friend who supports moral to you and that probably throws those feminine wolves to only obtain that your heart ignites. If that one does not manage to surpass your timidity, then it will do it to nothing. To whom he matters to him? When you feel preocupndote that way reason why you are going to say, how they are going to respond, you block yourself. Simply he jumps to the battle and he leaves your blood flows. One is to surpass the timidity. When the dust of the love is based you will see who won and who lost.You will analyze and make adjustments after everything has finished. If you only lost fits your plans of battle and alstate again for the following war. It always sees by gold. Perhaps when you aim to him perhaps you do not obtain it, but you will approach enough.It sees by gold sufficient times and you will see that you have become in a medallista of gold.It practices until you obtain what already you create: that the best thing belongs to you. Always acrcate to women who you create can be in favor of above of your category, and soon you will be playing a new category: the one of them.