Latin America

In accordance with Table 1.1, meets it China in the first rank of users in the Internet with 253 million internautas, representing 17.3% of the world-wide population that has access the net, followed U.S.A. that it possesss about 15%, what it represents 220.141.969 million internautas. Japan, considered a country with one high technological level, comes around in third with 94 million users, representing 6.4% of internautas of the world. India, considered as a power in a next future is in the fourth position with 60 million internautas, what it represents 4.1% of users of the Internet in the world. Already Germany, considered in the current days as third harnesses world-wide, comes in fifth place with 52.533.914 million users, what it represents 3.6% of the users of the net in planet. Brazil possesss 50 million internautas and about 3,4% of users of web in the planet, what the credencia as a power in the age of the Internet. Table 1.2? Number of users of the Internet in comparative Latin America to the remaining portion of the world Region Population (2008) % MundialUsurios of the InternetPenetrao (% of the Population) Usage % of WorldCrescimento of the Use (2000-2008) Latin America 384.604.1985,8% 104.037.29327,1% 7,1% 627,9% Remaining portion of World 6.291.516.09094,2% 1.359.595.06821,6% 92,9% 292,2% Total6.676.120.288100,0% 1.463.632.36121,9% 100,0% 305,5% Sources: diverse // and justinian codes. Table 1.2 demonstrates that Latin America (Countries of the American continent that speak: Spaniard, Portuguese, Frenchman and other languages derived from the Latin) possess 384.604.198 million people, representing for 5,8% of the world-wide population..