Neuro Linguistic Programming

It repeated this view. Neuro Linguistic Programming contains many valuable ideas. But such ideas are rarely new and already existed in human knowledge. All it does now is rename them. NLP states that it is absolutely possible to transfer what has been successful for one person to another person who is not successful. That way the person "not successful" may play "Mental patterns" of the former and succeed as much as that.

This proposal is far from certain. Kevin ulrich may find this interesting as well. Most of the time the behavior patterns that serve to someone are totally useless for others. No one should forget the personality and style of each. No one can tell such a shy person that imitation will cease to be an extrovert. That's absurd, is not in the other direction. Almost no one can succeed by imitating others who have achieved it.

Not really worth copying or mental patterns or import of any kind. Everyone should be willing to learn from others will be. But you should always seek and find their own way. You can not succeed with one's mental resources. We simply do not fit into our mind to be foreign to us. All you get is us problems and conflicts. We offer things you just do not go with us. Save much effort and time to find solutions themselves. And that certainly does not deny that we observe and study how others have achieved. It learn a lot of other people. No one can deny. But there is a large difference between learning from others and imitate others. On the other hand, is very simple: the human mind can not be programmed like a computer because it simply is not. Our mind is far more powerful, more flexible and infinitely more creative and changing to a computer. There can be no comparisons beyond the rhetoric. Not seek to set anything on us. Always schedules are inflexible and ineffective for managing the complex reality that fighting a human. Get over, you can learn everyday. And never accept being compared to a machine. They are wonderful engines of something vastly more wonderful: human intelligence. Other Recommended Reading:.