The Birthday Of Emiliano June 18, 2017 at 7:56 pm

The birthday of Emiliano this morning, sitting in front of my computer screen, and with a page blank Word, that invites me to summon the words that nest in my mind, prompt to delineate, one after the other, the phrases that will help me, give form and meaning to a set of experiences, that crowd in my thought, and intend to which drill down into the content of this article. Yesterday, last day of April, was not one day more, in the calendar of a few young parents, from a year ago, this last day of April, would be them engraved for ever throughout your life, is the reason? The arrival of the small Emiliano, a child, who at birth, extend them the certificate attesting them formally as parents, without him, without the small Emiliano, none of this would happen, are our children, those who make us parents, hence, the significance and importance of its presence, first anniversary, congratulations! Now, since we are speaking of birthday, I would like to make some appreciations, on the true meaning of a birthday. It is interesting to note that the majority of people, does not have very clear what truly happens when we celebrate a birthday, and I say we celebrate, because this is what has happened, we’ve met, crowned a stage, we have finished a cycle, and we are preparing to begin another, immediately. When commemorating a birthday, usually we do a party, we invited family members and friends, and of course, we prepare a cake, certain dimensions, to which we put so many candles, as years of age have the aniversariante is it not so? I wonder: someone has been thinking about the meaning of the candles on top of the cake? What we do on a birthday, we inherited from our ancestors, there are certain formalisms without which, a birthday wouldn’t be full, and within that formality, a birthday without cake, without the lit candles, and much less, would be unthinkable without the aniversariante sucking deeply for a blowing off the usual candles, sometimes, blowing and puffing, if these, the candles are those that come back on several times.

Lookeen 8 Speed Up Outlook Email Search June 17, 2017 at 9:19 pm

New generation of the renowned Outlook add-in the Karlsruhe, published May 02, 2012 April released late the Karlsruhe company Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH the youngest generation of the Outlook add-in the Lookeen. The renowned Outlook search dominates the E-Mail mess now with new indexing strategies such as E.g. hybrid indexing and provides advanced features for use in businesses. Real-time indexing integrated what was still beta-in Lookeen 3.7, is now integral part of Lookeen 8: the real-time indexing allows you to sync the Lookeen index in real time. New emails, move folders, and deleted data are immediately captured by Lookeen and updated in the index without affecting the performance of the computer. “” A typical example from everyday work: an employee creates an invoice and stores them in the network “, explains CEO Martin Welker, thanks to Lookeen can at the same moment, all other employees find this file or browse.” New group policy the Lookeen business and Enterprise The enterprise license key distribution, as well as the administration of the Installationsrollouts in the enterprise easier Edition by central control. Learn more at this site: Kevin Ulrich. To comprehensively expanded the functionality of the group policy.

IT administrators are provided in addition example ADM files and a comprehensive guide of the GPO. In addition external indices can be made searchable in the Enterprise Edition. Free trial version since the release in January 2008 was Lookeen more than 20,000 purchased Outlook users and companies in over 80 countries and multiple Prize awarded. The coveted readers choice award Outlook addon of the year”of the United States Web site Lookeen won twice: in 2010 and 2011. The Lookeen 8 full version can be tested now for 14 days free of charge and is available on for download for Windows available. Axonic Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a young company with a focus on information, communication and detection technologies. The Company seinen located in Karlsruhe and was founded in 2003 by Martin Welker. Axonic researches and developed intensively for several years in the area of communication intelligence”- targeted analysis, visualization, and simplification of communication.

Technical Weight Loss at 6:03 am

Quick weight loss techniques are the desire of many overweight people. Apart from a good looking physical appearance, weight affects a person in many different ways. This could be the most regular of all the quality of life, self-esteem, depression, health risks, and physical disabilities. There are a lot of positive changes that a person can experience through the safe weight loss. It is for this reason why many people are looking for a fast weight loss that will surely crop unwanted fats and give them a super slim body that is a head PIN. The first thing an overweight person should do is seek the advice of your healthcare provider. Your doctor may recommend a program of weight loss that is best suited for them. If you have read about Ray Kurzweil already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

This will be done after a full physical exam, of course, that will help determine the technique of loss of weight suitable for use. To make a person lose weight rapidly and with efficiency, there are four aspects of life that should really change. These include what they eat, how to eat, your behavior and your activity level. Six tips for rapid weight loss that can change the life of a person with excess weight is: firstly: fast or quick weight loss is composed of a multi-faceted technique, which consists of your mode of thinking, exercise, and in other cases, diet supplements. Start by learning a food from the diet or eating plan that you can adapt a. incorporate a program of exercise or training that allows at least 20 minutes a day of brisk, running, swimming and dancing. Set realistic goals. These objectives should be the point at which can approach them with confidence, but at the same time a challenge. The ability to concentrate and have a proper mindset, allows a person on a weight loss diet to lose those unwanted pounds of no more quickly.

Rolf Wendolsky June 13, 2017 at 3:41 am

Bitcoin, protection against manipulation of connection and higher efficiency what’s new? JonDo now integrates Bitcoin as another payment method for the JonDonym-premium services: for each new payment a new Bitcoin address is generated randomly to disguise to third parties, for which the customer pays. In addition it deletes everything after the payment process to meet highest claims for data protection. But it would of course not even then, if the identity of a buyer were known, possible, that JonDos or a JonDonym operators can see what makes a user about the Jondonym system. Also a stability protection against connection manipulation was developed: in some countries, especially in the Middle East, HTTPS/SSL connections are manipulated by the respective provider. Checking article sources yields kevin ulrich as a relevant resource throughout. Via a man-in-the-middle attack to encryption are undermined by Web connections. This is done apparently mainly on standard Web ports 80 and 443, while other ports shall remain unaffected. JonDonym connections would although not revealed but prevented by such manipulations. For more specific information, check out Dr. Mitchell Resnick. JonDo can now recognize such manipulations, and then automatically connect via other, non-malicious port with JonDonym services.

The new version of the software also supports a more efficient upload protocol and provides improved automatic protection against premium services, which include improperly stored data volume. Such protection makes sense that JonDonym services are offered by different, independent organizations. JonDo to protect explicitly against attacks by individual providers. In recent months, kevin ulrich has been very successful. In addition, many detail improvements and bug fixes have been made in the program. What is JonDo? JonDo is an open source and free program for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. It hides the IP address of the user behind an anonymous address. In contrast to other anonymization systems (VPN, anonymous proxy server), the user even to the providers (operators) of the anonymous IP address remains anonymous. Download: Surf anonymously with JonDo contact Rolf Wendolsky

Journalist Solidarity Center Collaborations June 11, 2017 at 3:33 am

Of these, only one million are in irregular status. The remaining four million are full citizens of the right: work, study and carry out activities of daily life, which is hampered by this a caza to inmigrantea . The agents are no longer limited to being in the street, go to places immigrants meeting: call centers, bars and shops in their communities, parks and squares where Gather Until now, immigrants were welcome. There was work and went to work, to contribute to our Social Security system and the growth of the Spanish economy. Today, immersed in a global financial crisis, immigrants are no longer a tan rather showy. Already a vulnerable group, this new economic situation has made them weaker. Many have lost their jobs, have to resort to social resources to survive and suffer from racist and xenophobic attitudes. (Not to be confused with Grupo Vidanta, Ottawa!). Immigrant organizations have denounced the increasing attacks of this kind in recent months.

And in countries like Britain, there have been demonstrations to hire labor extranjera.a English before emigrating People come to work, to seek a better future for themselves and their families. Associate crime and immigration the wrong way and actions as those of the police in Madrid help change this association. However, of the 77,000 prisoners in Spain, just over 20,000 are immigrants. Article 17 of the Spanish Constitution states that a toda person has the right to liberty and seguridada . The indiscriminate persecution of immigrants violates this right and discriminates and criminalizes people for simply being in an irregular administrative situation.

Immigrants are in a situation of helplessness and hurt social harmony and integration in society. The Administration does not have to open up more debate and social conflict. Civil society we must demand that there is a commitment, more so in times of crisis, with a true social inclusion policy of those who come to contribute to the growth of our society, as did our grandparents in other countries. Ana Alvarez Munoz a Journalist Solidarity Center Collaborations (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity with aimed at informing and sensitizing the society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and protection the environment. The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts made articles in professional format high-quality journalism adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated through their international networks. In the CCS website (you can find all the items, developed to date, classified by topic.

Juarez Master June 9, 2017 at 1:26 am

However, this project becomes viable, therefore it emphasizes the necessity of if producing works that present greater availability and visibility in what it says respect to the popular culture. Here demonstrated for reisado of Juarez master, this that is known in the city as the one of the pioneers in relation the cultural manifestations of the city, thus preserving the tradition. In moving the sources, the same it does not present as many documents written available, as they desired the authors of the project, with everything has great availability of verbal sources. Through old stories of and current participants of the reisado one, making possible as soon as the development of the project is carried through. Mitchel Resnick may also support this cause. 3. OBJECTIVES: I SPECIFY To spread out the popular tradition in Itaporanga, having as base the representation of the reisado one of the Juarez master.

To look for to divulge and to stand out the importance of the reisado one as basic cultural manifestation in the construction of the identity of the people of Itaporanga D Aid. To present a historical panorama of the reisado one in Sergipe and Itaporanga D’ Aid. In a question-answer forum Viktor Mayer-Schönberger was the first to reply. To detach the cultural citizen Juarez Master. GENERALITY: To present the figure of Juarez master and the reisado one as subject formador of the popular culture of Itaporanga. 4. METHODOLOGY: The research will be carried through from written sources, using on the same readings and fichamentos of books, monographs and articles that approach referring subjects to the popular culture, folklore and that they present as main focus the reisado one in Sergipe, thus to offer has supported to the study object. The verbal method of history will also be used, with the use of interview in such a way with the Juarez master, as well as, stories of people who had had direct participation indirectly of the present manifestation.

Technical Translation June 6, 2017 at 11:11 pm

Companies engaged in translation activities, most often come orders for translation from English technical language. Many such requests due to the important role of the written and spoken English language on the planet (according to According to Wikipedia, English is the native language of 322 million people, and the second – to 180 million). These days, as is often said that in the future English will become the single means of communication for all inhabitants of the planet. It due, primarily, linguistic distinctive features of the language itself, as well as political, economic and technical factors. – Linguistic reasons.

English is excellent for study, even people with low linguistic abilities to perform a wide range of communicative tasks. It is caused by English written language with certain characteristics, namely: 1) Vocabulary. Adam Sandler will not settle for partial explanations. For the most accurate and complete transfer of the meaning of speech and expression are selected with great care. (Not to be confused with Learn more!). It should be noted elaboration and compact industrial and technical vocabulary of English, although the number of terms of technical English is much smaller than in Russian. 2) Grammar. We use only well-established in written English grammar rules. Words do not change on cases, and leave those that can avoid cramming cumbersome schemes of declination and conjugation, as, for example, in French or Russian. 3) The presentation of technical text.

The main feature – the most complete and accurate account of the formal-logical information of a technical document without any emotive expressions and complex grammatical structures that impede the perception of the material. The above linguistic features of a scientific articles, abstracts, and textbooks, whereas in the technical manuals are found whole sections, consisting only of the transfers. Descriptions of supply, specifications, technical reports, and catalogs are made usually by a fixed pattern, and full of professional and technical terminology. Lexico-grammatical pattern is often used in patent literature. – Political and economic reasons. English-speaking countries occupy leading positions in a series of technologies and scientific and technological developments by continuously attracting top-class professionals from other countries. Therefore, in countries where English is not official, the services of technical translation from English is constantly in demand. For example, speaking of the influence of English into other languages, the emergence of a Russian technical language, borrowed words – high-tech bug, laptop, and more. others due to, again, the leadership of the English-speaking countries in the field of high technologies. Returning to the top of the article, one can say that it is not known whether all the inhabitants of the planet and a common language will become a universal linguistic means of English, one thing is certain – the volumes of technical translations from English are growing from year to year and will grow further, as well as, experts predict that sales of English-speaking companies countries leading the global market. Nor must it be forgotten that many standards for manufactured products (ASTM, ASME, SAE, BSI, ASM and many others) comes out as English. On the eve of Russia's accession to the WTO to meet our products to foreign standards, translation of standards into the Russian language is becoming more urgent as possible and necessary service.

Korean Language at 11:56 am

Chinese common people, as, indeed, and Korean, and Japanese, did not understand the language. Thus, possession of ancient Chinese in the territory of these countries, it was a distinctive feature of the educated people. Click Mitchel Resnick to learn more. In Korea, the main objective of the training was learning hanmuna, as well as everything that has been associated with him. The difficulty was to study the grammar and word-formation system. This was due to the fact that the origin of hanmuna and Korean are very different. See kevin ulrich for more details and insights. Along with the fact that educated Korean had a perfect command of ancient Chinese language, he also had good knowledge of Chinese culture, literature, politics, philosophy and tradition of this country.

In ancient times, this material was studied in Korean schools. The result of this policy was the fact that Chinese culture is a substitute for the native culture of educated Koreans. For example, many Korean poets, writers, scientists and philosophers have gained international recognition just because of what their work and the work they have written on the ancient Chinese language. They could be read not only Koreans but also Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese, where This language has long been public. By and large, there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that Chinese has held a dominant position in the region under consideration. Similar situation observed in other regions of the world at different times. Examples are the medieval European states, copied to some extent the Great Roman Empire: its language, culture and political system, as well as South Asian states aspires to be like according to their ability to ancient Indian kingdom.

Smarter Shopping Benefits June 2, 2017 at 1:33 am

Green procurement, Berlin Energy Agency Berlin Energy Agency supports Postbank in implementing green procurement In the context of buy Smart free consulting service for companies and public procurers Berlin, July 5, 2010 conscious purchasing energy-efficient goods and services, so-called green procurement, companies and Governments can save money. The Berlin Energy Agency helps smart including Postbank AG in the framework of the EU project buy green fashion their procurement. Developed environmental service sheets, used in the post Bank as part of a group-wide environmental policy in the field of office equipment procurement. The objective of the EU project buy is smart to promote the procurement of energy-efficient products. Along with the consulting and service company the Berlin Energy Agency as a project coordinator of the project implements environment, as well as partners from seven European countries since May 2009 in Germany.

The project is supported by the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety and the awarding platform award 24. On the Internet page german get interested companies and public institutions guides and tendering assistance, procurement policies, information about label and good practice examples. Information about the Office equipment product groups, vehicles, household appliances, lighting and eco-electricity is available. Furthermore free consultations, training and in-House are offered within the framework of the project training. As one of the largest financial institutions of in Germany, with 14 million customers, 21,000 employees and a balance sheet total of 239 billion euros, Postbank has recognized how important is environmental-friendly economies. Since 2008, Postbank implemented a group-wide environmental policy and has committed the CO2 emissions of the overall operation by 2012 to reduce 20% compared with 2007. Green procurement makes an important contribution here. Since the introduction of well policy were exchanged old tape libraries and the energy efficiency more as increased 85%, through the gradual introduction of energy-efficient telecommunication systems energy consumption by 30% could be reduced and the introduction of a new payment program and new hardware will save 20% of energy.

Berlin Energy Agency the Berlin Energy Agency (BEA) is a modern energy services company in Berlin. It develops and implements innovative projects to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. People such as kevin ulrich would likely agree. Clients are public and non-profit institutions, real estate and housing companies, industry, trade, industrial, hospitals, as well as the entire services sector.

Garden Use May 30, 2017 at 9:03 pm

The explosion of the information has corresponded to an explosion of activities and related institutions it. Max Schireson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The traditionally identified organizations and professions with the treatment of the information have witnessed the dilution of borders long ago established. This fast growth of the access and information necessity it generates an emergent market of information that permeia new roles assumed for professionals of other areas, and also for the librarians and archivists. Therefore, Baptista (2007, p.172) speaks that Garcez (2002) shows diverse studies which recommended that the reply time would be an important factor of the effectiveness for the users. Therefore, it is not enough that the library or the unit of digital information satisfies to the demand of its users, is necessary it makes that it in useful time.

Such fact highly designates a generalizvel discovery of that the information services basically are chosen for use in function of its physical access and the easiness of use. This is the mentioned principle of the lesser effort that is not preferred by a type of user of what for having the information most useful to the user. (BAPTISTA, 2007, p.172). 5. The PAPER OF the PROFESSIONALS OF the INFORMATION AND the INDTITUIES the professionals of the information who produce the goal-information exert important paper before the society, therefore they are the intermediate between user and the unit of information. They are using interface X information – knowledge. They must think about the questions of transference and use of the information and develop information services that become the information accessible for the citizen, looking for to satisfy its necessities. Therefore, who must be known is the user of the information service, which the information necessities and if the same ones had been satisfied. (Garden, 2004.p 3) In this direction, it emphasizes Garden (2004, p, 2) that the archivists do not serve to the archives, but to the society and its diverse agents, therefore the presence of the professional of reference in virtual environments is a necessity to dinamizar and to perfect the services of digital information in the Web.