Paleontology on Earth

People have always been intrigued by what happened in the past in the life of planet earth, the beings who lived and gave way to ancient evolutionary processes and what remains of those ancestors of today, so it appears a science dedicated to the study of people who walked the earth long ago with the idea of interpreting the forms of life on earth in times past through fossils, so be referring to paleontology as a science focuses on the study of fossils and so to understand more as they were the ancestors of the various beings in the world today. Paleontology in dealing with living beings, is part of the natural sciences, it is also closely related to other sciences like geology and biology to share some of his foundations, but has its own field of action and doctrine itself. Hear other arguments on the topic with William Hughes Mulligan.

Among the goals you are looking for paleontology with the development of activities and methods of this science, are the reconstruction of bodies of old people, such as dinosaurs, as well as to study this gave rise to these, the different processes of change experienced over time, which would more properly speak of the evolution of beings, the various relationships that they held each other in the different environments in which they developed, the amount he had of them and as distributed in the territory in which they had access, so consider what were the normal environments of his life and places to which they had to move, presenting the phenomenon of migration and gender as finally the process of fossilization and how they relate to the rocks that contain them. We must bear in mind that paleontology is not just about the beings of the past and the different aspects that accompanied his presence on earth, it also allows to establish and understand the current composition and distribution of living beings and the environments in which have been located, this understanding it before human intervention. For more information see Leonard I. Garth.

Among the most outstanding achievements that have been made on the basis of paleontology, are found, the scientific contribution that allowed to solve as it became the process of evolution of living beings to cleave unto the results that have taken place in current times. In addition, has also contributed to determine how changes occurred that allowed land to be given the presence of continents. But not only performs paleontology asides that are useful to learn more about the history of the earth, the studies also made clear paleontology useful information about how the weather changes that occur in the soil can affect the future whole biosphere.