Portuguese Lessons

Some possibilities Are in classroom, for the Internet, in the distance or in notations, what it is perceived is that the technology can bring rapidity, praticidade and easiness in such a way to distribute the content, how much for one better assimilation on the part of the pupils. Some schools and universities already are if bringing up to date, and perceive that many possess computer science laboratories. Already the educators must be always of eye in the new features not to lose only chances to bind substances of the resume to other new features. Professors of Portuguese can, for example, create blogs where pupils write on some subject and, through it, to work the languages formal and informal, dialects, marks of style and much more. The technological tools, as the Internet, can be used to add and to help to as many pupils how much professors. What if it must perceive is that the technology is not a mountain out of a molehill and can help to all the pertaining to school levels (of the basic one to the superior, particular public or).

The ORKUT AND the MSN IN the LESSONS OF PORTUGUESE LANGUAGE the environments of virtual communication are characterized by the use of a new variety of the Portuguese language, sight with distrust for the society, therefore not yet the use of the variety of environments is known how much virtual it can influence in education/learning of the norm standard. We are living a moment of attempts to improve the quality of public education in Brazil, will not be of one hour pra another one, but if each Brazilian educator to add forces, to persist in the change and not to leave to believe, certainly will be possible to reach such objectives for the area of Portuguese language, of which I belong. Here, Petra Diamonds expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Such content was searched and not only it can, but as this new century if finds inserted, that is computer must be applied in classroom from the main focus that the pupil of.