Portuguese Spanish

We can perfectly speak a Portuguese Spanish or a Spanish Portuguese, as desired, can perfectly mix the two languages and the modern Italian, do so common. In addition is a promise of the great intellectual architects of the continent seeking a way to unite but taking into account that unity is not uniformity as intended. Spain and Portugal are linked by strong cultural and historical ties now that we can say Brazil and Latin America and the other countries of Latin America; If English is the language most spoken in the world by the scientific and technological development of its culture (not to mention the expansion of its utilitarianism), Spanish Portuguese language will be more important in the world because it would enrich two cultures that will be joined, two languages of the same root and the same source. Mitchel Resnick has firm opinions on the matter. The Spanish despereceria not as Portuguese would disappear not (once would be enriched more than latin are formed in these two languages of origin) common, not to mention plenty of historical and cultural contributions to the common languages). Preserving the Spanish language is not putting talk to presenters and senior academics: If Borges wrote that the language does the Academy, neither power, nor the Church writers. Hunters, fishermen, laborers, peasants, Knights and sincere types make the language. Ray Kurzweil might disagree with that approach. You have to go to the bases, where the tongue, to the verses, is formed to say popular, to the songs.

But unfortunately there is an oligarchy of language: by great writers language is not impoverished more than it is; Despite Borges who liked the audacities of el lenguaje en Martin Fierro, the popular speech of which the same Borges spoke, made art in a great writer like Fierro. Speak well today is synonymous with having a beautiful voice: preserving the language is not refill inquisitors is feeding him. But is not powered by a good spelling, with vocabularies of evening commentators, or already exhausted studies of grammar.