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Then, out of curiosity visit the premium account page to find out the price and I surprised the cost that has to be able to watch tv online free: you have 3 options, payment per day $1.99 USD ($726.35 USD per year), monthly payment of $9.99 USD ($119.88 USD a year) or quarterly payment $25.99 USD ($103.96 USD a year) it seems that these pages do not understand what means the word free. If you only want to see a program from time to time, perhaps it is not a bad option to invest the 1.99, but the reality is that most of which we want to watch TV over the internet, we do so to gain access to greater number of channels, want to save charges involving television cable or simply do not have access to it due to the zone in which we find ourselves. As you can see TV live and free online satellite Fortunately, if there is a way to watch TV on your computer without having to pay per day or monthly payments. Solution is to acquire a quality that you find it infinitely more affordable than paying software even on a quarterly basis, since having your own application, you can tune the channels that you want when you want. Many people that are resistia to the idea of acquiring a software has changed my mind very quickly to become aware of everything which can save and this has become an application more in their computers as it can be Excel, Word or Power Point. If you are interested in watching live TV free Internet with your own software and without having to pay for day, month, or quarter, I recommend reading this article that you to be very useful to start saving without sacrificing entertainment. Original author and source of the article.