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Discovering why people purchase luxury watches there are hundreds of portable watches on the market, some of them are wrist, others pocket, they exist in different formats, in the most varied materials, with prices that range from the ridiculous to exaggerated, but they all serve the same thing is to see the time. Now I wonder why people buy watches that are more expensive, which are more delicate, more easily attract thieves, which even sell you insurance, if they see the same time as with the clocks they bring cell phones that have those same people included. In market studies looking for the reasons for buying some of the answers that you might find on the reasons for buying are: 1.-because they are more resistant. 3 Because 4.-are not delayed because they are of better quality. 5For they have a very good warranty service 6.-because they are eternal and other while all these features are certain wonder, why the industry from imitations of luxury watches are so prosperous, being than almost any of these reasons that customers give in marketing studies are truth in terms of Simple imitations because the real and deeper reason for buying this kind of luxury items and their imitations is status, stand out from their peers, be higher by means something in this case a watch, which gives exactly the same time that any clock. Inside sales techniques exist to find the deeper reason of the because your customers buy the products that your sold and not others. If you discover how to get to this more hidden reason, that even your client may not be aware, you will have one of the most infallible market sales techniques.

There are different ways depending on the type of trade that we are talking about, but I’ll show the simplest of all 1-think in a kind of specific customer 2.-thinks on the grounds that te is said to buy. 3. To that answer ask why? 4. then this answer ask why? 5. Finally to this answer ask why? Applied 3 times a by who? and you’re very close to the subject deeper using this sales technique, you will have a magical ball, to see the reasons more deep, hidden and even unconscious of purchase, knowing this you can make the best decisions on benefits of your client and your sales success Marcelo Gonzalez original author and source of the article improvements.