Spanish SMEs

innovation and training of SMEs in sectors plastic and metal thanks to the improvement of its products with the use of nanotechnologies, which allow to vary the same benefits and consequently to promote differentiation of companies in an increasingly competitive environment. For this purpose, gathering of companies interested in participating in the project for the development of technological plans that enable your technology evaluation, the improvement of the effectiveness of their productive processes conventional using nanotechnologies and promotion within its corporate culture in the pursuit of excellence is underway. The project aims to thereby start its work with the election, as a minimum, 12 Spanish SMEs that serve as a starting point of consolidation of the business fabric of domestic SMEs. The evaluation for their implementation shall apply to all aspects inherent to the development and manufacture of a product, in order to significantly optimize performances of the same without need to make a strong investment. Thus, it is boosting the promotion of innovative projects, involving a true technological transfer of technology centres to enterprises in a way such that an effective way to increase the competitiveness of these sectors for the development of products made in Spain.

The base of departure will result in a diagnosis of the current state of the SMEs and their knowledge about nanotechnologies. Once analysed their systems and products, their properties and needs for improvement will be identified in order to define a concrete action Plan for each company, performing a service on a product previously identified. This action is done with the financial support of the Ministry of industry, tourism and trade, through the programme of support to innovation of small and medium-sized companies, INNOEMPRESA 2010, above regional character..