The Illustrator

The combination of these three aspects, words, images, and content, is a challenge for the Illustrator. The child language is plain, simple, direct. Make also an art of this supposed an adventure for the creator, of unsuspected dimensions. There is much talk now face the classic digital book. Will die printing on paper and with it the classic illustration? Another issue to consider is the level of visual information that today’s children have.

3D games, films and stereotyped characters of invoice made in USA, etc. can be visible with Visual alternatives? Seeing is not a mechanical faculty that comes to us in our genetic package. See, you learn. Recently the field of illustration is contaminated by the prototypes of large multinationals that are configuring a certain understand way the images. Against this, the creative illustration is immersed in a maremagnum that sometimes has resulted in solutions that reflect own confusion of that iconosphere.

Much by reflecting and observe how events evolve. In the meantime, is being waged a battle of David against Goliath. He studied fine arts in Santa Cruz de Tenerife ending in Valencia. He was awarded a scholarship by the cabildo de Tenerife to study the discipline of conservation and restoration of works of art in the museo de America in Madrid. Copyist of the Prado Museum. He graduated in fine arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Doctor of fine arts by the University of la Laguna and Professor in the Department of drawing design and aesthetics of the Faculty of fine arts of the ULL. He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions at the national level and has received numerous awards. He currently combines teaching assignments with painting and artistic creation.

Contextual Search Advertising

Contextual search ads – is one type of paid advertising by the Internet. Contextual advertising is displayed on the page, in accordance with the inputs the keyword, that is, advertising is placed on pages sites of the same subjects. Contextual advertising is paid. Therefore, contextual advertising is particularly effective for attracting targeted visitors. If you order a contextual advertising, you do not pay for ads that and for the visitors who opened and looked at your advertising – meaning you pay for the result. Moreover, the customer itself may indicate a price-per-view their advertising: the higher the price, the more advantageous place is ad – it's great for if your business competition. All the calculations the cost of the advertising company will pay on an individual basis depending on what the result wanted reach the customer. It is worth noting that online advertising is of several types: text, banner and search.

Text advertisements are placed in special blocks on partner sites. Text ads – it's short a text message with information about available products or services provided, and a link to the advertiser's site. Banner advertising – is to use a graphic (banner), which is located in the banner network. Your banner shown on other sites, but on your site – respectively, banners of other advertisers. Site to promote and contextual advertising is always the most effective – Contextual Advertising located in the most popular search engines: Begun, Yandex, Rambler,, Google AdWords. Runner (Begun) – this system is the very first began providing a platform for context advertising.

It happened in 2002. Runner system is easy to use through user-friendly interface and a set of management functions. There is the possibility of unloading the detailed statistics in Excel for a report on the progress of the advertising company. In the runner the opportunity to conveniently transfer Ads to more advantageous places – it happens by automatically raising the price per click (browse) to the required level to you. Minimum price game is only 5 cents. Runner gives you 9 ways to replenish the account, including via WebMoney. Yandex started working in 2003. Contextual advertising site only shows Yandex. Minimum price click is 10 cents – but the system Yandex is much more popular in Russian advertising and information market, than, for example, the system Begun. Advertise on Yandex Direct offers 3 ways to replenish the account. A WebMoney account can not replenish, but there is a special system of Yandex. – all Internet users one way or another sign of popular portal search engine is the youngest – she works since 2004, when it shows the high efficiency of placement of advertisements (the system is One of the most popular today). The system offers two ways to place contextual advertising: banner above the search results and a banner or a text message to the right of the results. As such, contextual ads in google since 2003. If you plan to print their business on a global level, the system Google – is t, which is necessary for you, because this system is the most popular in Europe. For a large attendance page Google provides a number of additional services: technical support, site optimization, convenient format ad units, etc.