Child-friendly games on the net to find tips for parents the entertainment software self-control (ESRB) is the counterpart to the self-regulation of Filmwirtschaft (FSK), only that the ESRB is responsible for the rating of computer games. So you want to prevent access of baller – and killer games for children. Computer games are so identified by ratings, but online games do not. Not yet! Because it is not compulsory for operators of online gaming sites to label their games with an endorsement to the age. And even if it becomes a duty for companies located in Germany, then you can not nationally curb that, because most online games come from abroad and hosted there, a limit so impossible. This has the consequence that children despite the USK have access to playing with violence, even if they’re not explicitly looking, earlier or later, the kids are are confronted with these games. Now there are several ways for parents to handle.

To the Parents should look at exactly one which send their children on the net, what they play and where to play. Parents should surf together with their children on the net, draw attention to dangers and afford education, create an own prevention. On the other hand, there is now software products, which can filter unwanted websites and block after installation on your own computer, thus parents can not disclose advance Internet sites their kids. There are also pages of online games on the net, which now go all the way to offer child-friendly content. For example the kids toy, on the parents for their children can find age-appropriate games, without violence, without blood, without shooting, and kill without. By these child pages as of, there are some on the net. Try to get a picture of these pages, as a parent try these games and play with their children together. Small children you should so long it just goes keep away from violent games, there are ways, but it is the parents, which is a Eye on their children should have, because the network carries dangers and things that don’t have to see a child. Andre set grain

Goodgame Heroes

A unique world is revealed in imaginative role-play of the Hamburg game forge Goodgame Studios adventure lures in Goodgame heroes – the new role of the Hamburg game forge Goodgame Studios. In the role of a fantastic hero can meet exciting missions and battles against other players will be held. Users can set up guilds, communicate with other players, buy equipment and expand her character. Aim of the game is to collect as much money and experience to achieve the highest rank with our own hero. In the tavern strange characters sit and wait for a willing hero who dares to fulfill their orders.

“Hey you”, the double-headed OGRE roars, “exactly I may need you now! A dragon with a throat infection that desperately needs his medicine lives in the Valley of the flame. Can be dangerous for you, but there’s gold and experience points en masse. That sounds tempting but?” Who brave crashing out with his heroes like adventure, which can quickly to Get fame and glory. In an imaginative world with many unusual characters and entertaining tasks, the player experiences an adventure to the next. Goodgame Heroes is a simple multiplayer role-playing game, where the player first created a character and its strengthening in the course of the game can always expand. Not only numerous solo missions, but also Arena matches waving it against real players. While the various items such as potions, weapons and armor as useful, that can buy the player at the blacksmith or the quack prove to be. Soon the players are to establish also guilds, to strengthen the own hero in conjunction with other players and to achieve the coveted highest rank.

Goodgame Heroes is suitable for people of all ages and characterised by a friendly and appealing design, a simple game entry and ease of use. Because it is studios for all games from Goodgame Flash games, is not a software or an installation required but only a PC with Internet access. The game is still in the open beta phase and is first on German on playable. Other languages follow. With the casual-multiplayer game concept Goodgame alludes to the previous game development studios. Goodgame Cafe, Goodgame farmer, Goodgame Poker, Goodgame mafia Goodgame jump Jupiter can currently over 45 million gamers per month around the world delight and. More games are planned. Company Description Goodgame Studios is an independent Hamburg-based game developer focusing on the casual online games market. In the portfolio of Goodgame studios located currently six self-developed and family-friendly Flash games, which have approximately 45 million visitors per month. PR contact: Goodgame Studios Henrike Rohloff (Public Relations) Theodor str. 42-90, House 11 22761 Hamburg email: Web: