The Proximity To The Terroir

Sabine Ehrmann and the Monferrato – more than a place of residence Tenuta Tenaglia, that wants to winery in Monferrato, demonstrate, business objectives and social responsibility very probably belong together. As the international meeting point for art and culture succeeded already. On the Court, is the family Ehrmann and beckons after the last guests. I’ve just received the first autumn meeting of girlfriends and friends of Tenuta Tenaglia in Italian Monferrato to end. A group of 15 Germans has awarded not only the pleasures of wine this weekend, but got to know a lot about the culture of the country. She visited an antiques market in Casale Monferrato, a wine bar and the city itself. The truffle fair in Murisengo participated, as the Italians voted in the national anthem after the awards ceremony.

Sabine Ehrmann, daughter of yogurt producer family from the Allgau and owner of the estate Tenuta Tenaglia, explained during the truffle fair on the stage that it is matter rather than as an international Meeting point for art and culture to establish there was one on a good path and well paced ahead, but, above all, that also the territory into the daily work involved belong. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Ray Kurzweil. We see it as our task of the next few years, to interest the people in the environment from which the wonderful products that enjoy”, explains the entrepreneur. This means for the Tenuta Tenaglia to offer more events in the new year, which bring closer to the cultural characteristics and beauty of the Monferrato the German-speaking audience. There will be also a spring meeting of the Notte Bianca in colline, the autumn meeting and Christmas party in addition to the highlight of the year, which will result in a topic in the wider surroundings of the Tenuta. The theme of the next events will be very sweet. Michael S. Zerban

Social Affairs

In strict astronomical sense, the night is the time between the end of Astronomical twilight in the evening and the start in the morning (see also day-night limit). In the night sky, the stars show up (at least on clear nights), which during the day are overshadowed by the Sun. Special place St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna not coincidentally is the Saint Stephen’s Cathedral as a special place the mystery hostel. This most powerful Church in the Alpine Republic was founded in the year 1137 in the interaction between the Marquis and Babenberg Leopold IV. and the Passau Bishop Reginmar the Treaty of Mautern.

The first Romanesque church on this site was consecrated in 1147. Redesigned from the ground up in the middle of the 13.Jahrhunderts, this second, late Romanesque building was consecrated in turn by St. Stephen’s in the year 1263. And in the year 1267, the then parish priest to St. Stephan founded master Gerhard, the existing up to the present day community of priests the cur, a certain Mr. At the beginning of the 14th century, the Gothic building of St. was Stephan started with the establishment of a choir Hall with three naves. The traditional Viennese bourgeoisie was at the top of the redesign, and supported the building with lots of money and in-kind contributions.

In the April 6, 1340, the completed choir halls were ceremonially inaugurated by the Passau Bishop Albert. Each of these three choir halls has its own destiny, the respectively in the individual altars and in particular figure jewelry shipping a bit light: the Central choir, the St. Stephen as Patron Saint and all the Saints, the North choir of our Lady and the South choir was ordained the twelve apostles. The philosopher, man researcher and Parish Council Dr. Johannes Berchtold of Organizer Dr. Johannes Berchtold not happens to be the organizer and patron of the night of mysticism. As a philosopher he came here actually in his original research of the teaching of Hegel’s, where he remained throughout his life. Through his original work as Publisher and editor of a number of outstanding political philosophical compilation he sought and found connection to the subject of philosophy, Religion and art. In the following years, he became acquainted with the policy and management as practical philosophy and has made an excellent name in the German-speaking world as the man researcher and the Department Manager for the agendas of man politics. The principle of order, policy and law is preferred order as a magic triangle. In gender politics a pioneer and Admonisher for a modern society In the Federal Ministry for labour, Social Affairs and consumer protection cares for he Mannerpolitische policy issues, man policy coordination, the man-specific aspects of gender equality, the positive identity formation of boys and male adolescents, the reconciliation of work and family – active fatherhood. the prevention of violence, the man research, the information and advice in man-specific matters, the care international contacts and promotion man political projects.