Korean Language

Chinese common people, as, indeed, and Korean, and Japanese, did not understand the language. Thus, possession of ancient Chinese in the territory of these countries, it was a distinctive feature of the educated people. Click Mitchel Resnick to learn more. In Korea, the main objective of the training was learning hanmuna, as well as everything that has been associated with him. The difficulty was to study the grammar and word-formation system. This was due to the fact that the origin of hanmuna and Korean are very different. Along with the fact that educated Korean had a perfect command of ancient Chinese language, he also had good knowledge of Chinese culture, literature, politics, philosophy and tradition of this country.

In ancient times, this material was studied in Korean schools. The result of this policy was the fact that Chinese culture is a substitute for the native culture of educated Koreans. For example, many Korean poets, writers, scientists and philosophers have gained international recognition just because of what their work and the work they have written on the ancient Chinese language. They could be read not only Koreans but also Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese, where This language has long been public. By and large, there is nothing extraordinary in the fact that Chinese has held a dominant position in the region under consideration. Similar situation observed in other regions of the world at different times. Examples are the medieval European states, copied to some extent the Great Roman Empire: its language, culture and political system, as well as South Asian states aspires to be like according to their ability to ancient Indian kingdom.

Aspiring To New Heights

What motivates a man in an attempt to grasp new knowledge? Scientists around the world think much about what actually facilitate the process of humanity learning foreign languages. Developed the latest techniques and methods, and we must pay tribute to these people – many of the technologies really allow a person to quickly and accurately learn a foreign language. But to begin to understand what motivated a man to study foreign languages, we are now discuss in more detail exactly on why a person wants to gain new knowledge. In our time, the Council of Europe expert group has made an analysis and prepare a report "The European Language Portfolio", and in this report are emphasize that modern Europeans are more mobile and seek as much as possible to travel to various countries in order to enrich their knowledge, both professional and personal. LEGO Papert Professor has firm opinions on the matter. But even those who are time does not want to go abroad is still very dependent on technological progress and tend to learn a foreign language in order to not feel any barriers in everyday life. However, to date, One of the most acute problems is the method of teaching foreign languages, namely the orientation of the educational process in an active and independent work, those who study a foreign language, as well as enabling conditions for their self-expression and self-development. With changes in the geopolitical situation in the younger generation must be prepared to make well-know one foreign language, as well as they should prepare themselves for ensure that the maximum benefit from this knowledge. .

Motivate The Study Of Technical English

Personally, when faced with the necessity of studying technical English, decided to share with all the experience. I have to say I managed it and I'm happy with my result. In connection with the development of our abilities and desires, English to us it is very necessary. And many even eager to learn it. After all, it is no secret that it gives you more opportunities – trips abroad, chatting with friends, colleagues, improving function and more.

But here we are encounter the same problems. Where can I find free time for study? How to make doing homework an interesting and not boring? Why eventually loses interest? And many others … But the emergence of such questions – a good sign! After all, it is important to have the desire and understanding that something goes wrong .. and this is the first step to addressing these issues. The first thing to always have a goal, otherwise not to aspire to.

Technical English is useful to you for tourist trips in the work (technical writer, programmer, translator, manager, logistician, and others). And in any case this is not just wasted time. Let's try to find motivation for your learning. Why do we learn? We learn for yourself, not for neighbors or friends … and the benefits of this would be primarily visible to you. Consider the following questions and you will understand where the motivation to do. – What will give me the knowledge Technical English? – What I want to achieve? – How knowledge of technical English to help me achieve my main goal, or more? What level you want to achieve in technical English? Be prepared for that studying technical English – a long and tedious process. If you already have the minimum required knowledge, then maybe it will take a couple of months (maybe more). But if the study starts from zero, then prepare for periodic diligent studies within six months. Yes, of course, each person is different. For one, learn the words – easy, another must be an everyday practice. Do not worry. Starting is always difficult, further it is much easier. Learn English technical terms. They will be useful to you first. Do you read literature, write or communicate with someone. Need to bring understanding and knowledge of words to automaticity. To sometimes start thinking in English. To produce the style of texts. In technical English, it is especially important. To anything long and colorful descriptions. Clarity – our challenge. The fewer words the better. It's not so simple – shrink the text to minimize the volume while retaining maximum information content. This is a quality criterion. Teach grammar. Anyway, without her nowhere. Interesting turn will save you and help you achieve the desired style. Do not limit your possibilities. Read and listen to a lot of interesting information on technical English language – newspapers, magazines, blogs, forums. Even proverbs, idioms, jokes, songs – everything will be very helpful. Miscellaneous classes and diversify training motivate! Find a supervisor. Perhaps, brother, sister, parents and close friends – all they can to help you, talking every day, asking what you learned, to analyze the issues together. So-called "confession" (in this context – the share problems with a friend) helps himself to solve all problems immediately. Recite aloud. This adds motivation to the sessions. Systematicity. Reward yourself for regular classes technical English. Let's take a rest after hard work, rest will only get nicer. You'll be proud of themselves.

Foreign Language

Language skills "I have no aptitude for language." Those who are sure of this, should ask themselves: "I speak the native language and freely understand it?", "I read and write in their native language, and can, in a letter I do not Pushkin, but the letters in words pile up pretty easily? "" I'm deaf and dumb, or say how Ellochka: from "The Twelve Chairs"? "If the answer is yes, no, congratulations. Do you have language skills, not cloudy any obstacles. The ability of language – fundamental human ability, man – it's monkey-talker. A man loves the language as a mother. A different language is just a synonym for home. Can reasonably argue, "What about all these polyglots, or just my one friend came to America, knowing only the Hi yes Good-bye, and two weeks later to speak as an American, and another friend, and taught him to walk courses and suffering in the United States because of problems with the language? "The answer is simple as a rake. First instinctively uses the correct strategy, and another such intuition has not appeared, and the man who would be suggested and picked the right strategy, too, was not there.

The once-common hypothesis is that there are 'non-linguistic' people, unable to any way to learn a foreign language is not supported by any expert today. Anyone can be taught to speak a foreign language, it is only important to choose the correct individual method of teaching. Why do we think that we are not capable of language? And where a person is taken belief that he is not capable of language? It's a convenient excuse their own laziness? Or facilities acquired in school? It is a mixture of both.