Friction In Korea

The international community friction the Coreia of the north as a threat the peace, following the line of United States former-president George Bush who classified this country as one of the integrant ones of the axle of the evil. What the Coreia of the north searchs is an dissuasion tool, therefore recent history sample that […]

Michel Focault

Already cited the thinking one follows confirming such constatao when it says: ‘ ‘ The government, in optimum of the cases, nothing more is of what a convenient artifice; but the majority of the governments is for times an inconvenience, and all the government some day finishes for being inconveniente.’ ‘ 3? The speed of […]

The State

The project is impracticable and Par goes to lose its cultural identity, therefore a time that the territory is broken up everything is changed, and one of these changes will be the culture that will go to lose itself total. But this will be determined in the plebiscite that will happen in day 11 of […]

Air Force

Although the great budget, the Chinese they are not obtaining, comparing them it other powers, to carry through revolutionary improvements in its Armed Forces. It is denoted, therefore, that exactly that Pequim continues developing its military budget in the next years, the capacity of national strategical projection will continue unbalanced. The Chinese possess currently not […]

American Government

This rank, now we can to reason that, even so it has some reason to if alleging that asguerras human beings, the world-wide corruption, the hunger, the misery, the illnesses and todasorte of badnesses and pains seen in the Land can be translated as the Evil deum astray planet, these males are almost null before […]

Mssil Balstico Intercontinental

Had to this, they are being substituted for missiles DF-21, already described, that they possess minor reach, however they are more modern. Missiles DF-4A possess, as some estimates, reach of seven a thousand kilometers, being, therefore Mssil Balstico Intercontinental (MBI) of limited capacity. Being projected to be capable to reach the American base of Guam, […]