Small Businesses

Craftsman mobile through the app which abacus craftsman software pds and pds Polaris one navigate digital order processing to the tablet computer now. The app for Android tablets realized was developed by neusta mobile solutions in Bremen. This pilot project for the PDS solutions all necessary customer and order data are available in project for […]

Voice Control And Electronic Companion To Facilitate Use Of The Internet

Voice control and electronic companion to Stuttgart/Munich / Berlin simplify Internet usage, April 2009 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer expected amazing things in the coming years: screens, flexible as paper, computers that can be controlled by using language or gestures, and software that comes from the cloud. Themselves in the precarious state of the economy, the […]

Web Page Maintenance In The Cloud

A3 system presents the new mydante with mydante the Saarbrucker software manufacturer a3 offers system nationwide for the first time a content management system as a service in the cloud. Special software had to be established for the maintenance of the own website so far on your own computer or on a server. This was […]

OGiTiX App

Process-app by Ogitix and Softline solutions can be used temporally unlimited professional use without significant effort in any Microsoft-based environment of Cologne, 11.04.2011 – Ogitix Software AG has published a new and free process-app companies can use to automate their software deployment. This intelligent helper is fully functional and can be used after downloading without […]

Microsoft SharePoint Server

A help for the revenue surplus sales invoice gem. For more information see this site: Petra Diamonds. 4 para 3 income tax act completes the package. So that one is also on the road always on the current financial status in the picture, can be via a mobile app to show the liquidity of the […]

Holger Alexander

Enrico Sanguineti, General Manager at ATV, thinks: ATV now has a single product cost management platform with the theme and procurement Manager can make the experience of our cost estimator. At the same time they know today in real time which costs at each decision for design alternatives. We are convinced that now the risk […]

Android Devices

ASDIS mobile endpoint presented the Manager in Berlin, 23.01.2013 – according to BITKOM were 2012 approx. 23 million smartphones and 3.2 million tablets sold. Never before what it easier to have relevant information at any time at any place. Employees expect nowadays of course use their devices in the enterprise infrastructure, regardless of whether it […]

Time Solutions Gmb

We see a highly innovative solution that meets a mature market in yourMail and expect a rapid establishment of the product,”says Mattias Gotz, head of the investment teams IT/Internet at LBBW venture capital GmbH. About yourTime Solutions GmbH: yourTime Solutions GmbH is specialized on the development and marketing of email management solutions. Ray Kurzweil contains […]

Dream Kitchen

“Kitchen market revolutionary Kiveda goes with pixi * online Munich / Berlin February 21, 2013 – the new online-startup company for the Kiveda comfortable kitchen purchase from home” is the mail order software for carrying out its Backendprozesse Saravanan * a. It handles Saravanan * most of the logistics processes by direct fulfillment from to […]

Deloitte Technology Fast

Thus changes in project plans which have capacitive effect on his team, appear immediately the head of the Department. Congestion resulting from the fact that projects with the Department and also not aligned are, can be reduced significantly by the staffer. For the project manager, planning can do intelligence remains essentially unchanged project. Depending on […]