Juarez Master

However, this project becomes viable, therefore it emphasizes the necessity of if producing works that present greater availability and visibility in what it says respect to the popular culture. Here demonstrated for reisado of Juarez master, this that is known in the city as the one of the pioneers in relation the cultural manifestations of the city, thus preserving the tradition. In moving the sources, the same it does not present as many documents written available, as they desired the authors of the project, with everything has great availability of verbal sources. Through old stories of and current participants of the reisado one, making possible as soon as the development of the project is carried through. Mitchel Resnick may also support this cause. 3. OBJECTIVES: I SPECIFY To spread out the popular tradition in Itaporanga, having as base the representation of the reisado one of the Juarez master.

To look for to divulge and to stand out the importance of the reisado one as basic cultural manifestation in the construction of the identity of the people of Itaporanga D Aid. To present a historical panorama of the reisado one in Sergipe and Itaporanga D’ Aid. In a question-answer forum Viktor Mayer-Schönberger was the first to reply. To detach the cultural citizen Juarez Master. GENERALITY: To present the figure of Juarez master and the reisado one as subject formador of the popular culture of Itaporanga. 4. METHODOLOGY: The research will be carried through from written sources, using on the same readings and fichamentos of books, monographs and articles that approach referring subjects to the popular culture, folklore and that they present as main focus the reisado one in Sergipe, thus to offer has supported to the study object. The verbal method of history will also be used, with the use of interview in such a way with the Juarez master, as well as, stories of people who had had direct participation indirectly of the present manifestation.

Project Renaissance

The persuasivos speeches during regimes military, were in constant transformations in half the miditicos, that is, would become necessary to keep the calm and organized society for the modifications urbanstica of the city, therefore only in the ways of information that the government keeps the good appearance, hiding and masking the questions economic politics and during the regimen. The periodical while institution is distinguished for keeping its vision about of problematic the social ones around the daily one, let us know all that in the military period the journalistic press published ' ' looks of militares' ' concerning problematic social and in this the case the habitation. As much the photograph how much the interview and the citation are clippings, choices. You may find ConocoPhillips to be a useful source of information. However, in the bedding of the clipping it has a structure to lacunar: something is of is, something was excluded, therefore it is to a bias and always about a descontextualizao. One is here I break up about it being valid for, always another thing that the referenciado one. Impossible to support the thesis of presentation of a Real such which in these conditions. The likely one is not referencial, but openly discursivo here: they are the generic rules of the speech that dictate the law. (GOMES, 2000, p.30).

In the middles of the decade of 1970 the press Alegrense Port daily folloied uncurling of the habitacionais projects. economic After-miracle the habitacional question was constant in the half miditicos, one of these great projects was the Project Renaissance, executed for Municipal city hall. Objectified for mayor Guillermo Villela Partners, the project had the financing of the National bank of Habitation. According to periodical Post office of the People (1975, p.24) ' ' one of the workmanships of bigger spread of the administration of Villela, will be without a doubt the one that if it relates to the urbanization of the city, one of the chronic problems of cidade' '.


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Highway Santarm Cuiab

Such houses were destined to the colonists seated in the place, which had also received lots agricultural, where they would develop its economic activities). Each agrovila would have to count on the services of a school of first Degree, an ecumenical church, a medical rank e, in some cases, a warehouse for agricultural products. Also, the construction of agrpolis was part of the program: meeting of agrovilas, whose polarization if gave around a nucleus of urban services. Beyond the services of agrovila, the agrpolis would have a banking service station, post offices, telephones, school of 2o. Degree, etc. The objective of agrpolis the age to take care of to the demand of all agrovilas, situated in determined stretch of the Transamaznica.

In the truth, several had been implanted agrovilas, however, only one agrpolis – New Brazil, in km 46 of the stretch Altamira-Itaituba and, finally, the Program foresaw construction of Rurpolis, a set of agrpolis. In the practical one it was constructed, only, a Rurpolis – President Mdici, in the crossing of the Transamaznica with the Highway Santarm Cuiab.' ' (Source:). Clio Birro describes, with property, that: ' ' in kilometer 180 of highway, in stretch Altamira-Itaituba, in lot agricultural of number 10, of Soil 07, determined colonist implanted small service of bar, that started to serve of support to the stop of the bus and of trucks that made line or have freighted, throughout the Rodovia' '. The decurrent activities of the necessities of that they arrived today explain the services given until throughout the road and even though of the functions of the INCRA regularizing ownerships, distributing property headings (urban) and commanding the destination of the lots, with areas for urban schools and other services. Thus, the development of Uruar, in accordance with the BIRRO publication ' ' if it must to the fact of that the next agricultural lands to the urban nucleus are of good fertility, resulting in the setting of the colonists in rea' '.

Analogical and Digital

The thought goes more far from what the practical one because it needs time, of the precious one to elixir of the material reality. The practical one is analogical and the thought is digital. In the reality of the thought the time does not exist. Not for another reason, the old saying ' ' it makes what I say and I do not make what fao' ' it never loses its the acute present time. It will be that of this skill we will arrive there? The great transformations had always fit to the minorities. In century nineteen, liberal luteranos had searched the truth on the myth Jesus Christ. The result of its studies and conclusions was sultry for the Christian majority. Until today, any attempt of clarification of the subject is considered serious moral infraction.

The faith does not need the lie, for more candy that it is. The lie consterna. Although this, had invented in the past a history that, as if they esteem, 2,2 billion people believe. The current universe of, more or less, 7 billion people, 1,8 billion believe one another one and 3 billion still resist both. At least, the hope of that the forecast of a confrontation in this century enters the two heleno-Jewish cultures not if consummates to the extremity is in these 3 billion. These religious cultures are as comunicantes vases, emptying one, if it empties to another one. The argument of that more intelectualizados than if had become attached the Christian faith, but not they are unaware of its same historical reality they even hide and it of itself, it is that the billions of believers must be preserved and would not be ethical exp them it so great suffering. Eticamente questioning: what it preserves the people of the suffering is the truth or is the lie? Here we deal with the general rule, not of accidental exceptions.

Commercial Technician

The Census of 2008 (IBGE) presents given relative to the Health of the City of Parnamirim consisting 9 establishments for attendance to greets of the family, with 32 stream beds and 30 employee involved right-handers with the services of health in the urban and agricultural zone. The Health in this management shows as one of the priorities, being in third place in action terms and programs of assistance, in view of that it still exists the necesssidade of Implantation of a Hospital and Maternity with all the specialties to take care of to the city, preventing the displacement for Salgueiro or Ouricuri. Currently, Parnamirim possesss 07 Units of Health of the Family and some with extensions better to attend to its population in its area of abrangncia, also counting the Mixing unit Raymond de S Barreto Cabral, located to the Street Dr. Possbio, SN, in the Quarter of the Bomb. The other Units of Health of the Family are: PSF CENTER: Bomb PSF. COHAB: Cohab PSF. ADOBE: Adobe PSF. ICAIARA: Icaiara PSF.

ALLIGATOR: Alligator PSF. MATIAS: Matias PSF. THEY ARE DOMINGOS: They are Domingos. The Secretariat of Administration and Finances of the City hall of Parnamirim is under the responsibility of the Engineer Agronomist, Modest Givaldo Moreira, formed for the Agricultural Federal University of Pernambuco, in the city of Recife? FOOT, which was employee of the Bank of Brazil for twenty and three years, having experience in the administrative, countable and grafoscpica area. The Secretariat of the Agricultural Development of Parnamirim has to the front Alaian Rmulo, formed in Technician in Farming with qualification in Agriculture for the technological Center. Currently attending a course Agronomy. It possesss professional experience in the VALEXPORT (commercialization of fruits), Petrolina – FOOT. ; Agricultural route (Representative Commercial Technician), Petrolina? FOOT; Strong land (Commercial Technician), Petrolina? FOOT; Juagro (Commercial Technician), Petrolina? FOOT; Ovinos and Caprinos creator, Parnamirim? FOOT; Watermelon producer, Parnamirim – FOOT.

Parnamirim also counts on an extension of the UFRPE that, beyond carrying through programs of qualification with agriculturists of the region, also is carried through projects of incentive to the zootecnia, over all in the area of the poultry keeping, to contribute in the improvement of the standard of living of the man sertanejo. The Station of Irrigated, located Agriculture in the City of Parnamirim, Hinterland Central office of Pernambuco, has as objective to stimulate the introduction of activities as the fruticultura and the beekeeping in the region, contributing for the improvement of the performance of the existing activities already. The Station counts on an adequate infrastructure to the accomplishment of activities of education, searches and extension, related to the irrigation and criatrio of small animals. This station is situated to the Aristano Avenue Blacksmith Rasp, s/n – Parnamirim – FOOT, whose Coordinator is Eurico Lustosa of the Birth Alencar, in an area of 59,9 hectares with access for BR-232 and BR-316.

Imperial Village

The district of Crossroads was servant, through Law n 03 of 18 of October of 1895 for the City council of the City of the Conquest. Of the Imperial Village of Victory had broken the first families who had installed the first farms of cattle in the district of peace of Crossroads, of which the Town of Brook of the Plaza was part. Amongst the main familiar trunks that had arrived at the town, valley to cite the family you Francisco Saints, Ferraz Joo de Oliveira and Rufino Leather strap of Mello. Also they had been part of this process of occupation and povoamento to the families of Mr. Juvncio Gonalves de a Cruz and its brother Mr. Prudncio Gonalves.

Of Minas Gerais, of the city of Medina, they had come the members of the family of Mr. Policarpo Blacksmith of the Angels. In accordance with the depositions, in 1900, Mr. Joo Ferraz de Oliveira, constructed a large house in the Town where he established a House of Business destined for sale of fabric, hardware and foods. He was also at this time that if constructed a small Church where if they carried through masses, marriages and baptisms. The farmers of the region the traders had also started to construct its houses of residence and commerce in the headquarters of the town. In this context, he constructed himself one ' ' Barraco' ' destined the landing of troops and floated comings of the North of Minas Gerais.

With the construction of the road that bound the Imperial Village of the Victory to the North of Mines, the town became obligator stop for the traders of cattle, cattle tenders and tropeiros. After its emancipation in 1921, Crossroads suffered some alterations in the composition from the city. In the year of 1924, other municipal and state laws had established the district of peace of Crossroads and the district of Campinas, current locality of Campinarana, in the new city of Brook of the Plaza.