Registering Your Site In the Directories

Whether you have a business or company that sells or provides services, whether you have an Internet business or whatever, the inclusion of your site to directories is important, and I’m not talking about search engines but directories, but But it seems that many do not take into account or assign very little importance. You know, unlike search engines, directories are indexed by humans, meaning that when you apply for the inclusion of your site in one of them, there are people who visit your site to see that this is, if you keep the rules established as well as the quality of the site, and if they feel it meets all the requirements, the site will be included in the Directory. The Directories accumulate visited sites that are included in different categories according to their specific topic, and this gives more transparency and many people, including webmasters, visit them often looking for important information. But I think the primary use of the directories that are taking is that, by including your site in them, you’re really getting a link to your site (back links) and as many of these directories have a track record and have acquired significant real prestige, this link to your page, a link is very important, especially for Google. In this has much to do with popularity and PageRank of the Board, but not to confuse PageRank with this very simple I’ll tell you, a link from any website and the directories are important because Google considers quality to be edited by people, is a link of greater weight, higher value. If we consider that Google especially gives importance to inbound links from a site with your own niche or theme that “your place”, otherwise it’ll happen when you put all incoming links from any site that has nothing to do with theme of your site and especially those sites that are just used to place links (you can see the article from this same site in what is a link farm?). Within this scenario the Boards are the exception and the links that come from there will be very useful to position yourself. Leonard I. Garth is actively involved in the matter.

It is for many tedious and boring task of signing up for the Boards, but I suggest that if you do not like, he entrusts the task to someone else, but your site will be included in all the directories you can, because search engines have a tendency to include the categories of the directories in good positions. But lately a new form (in some of the directories) means that even if the link is this, this, do not have the support of the directory itself, ie not guarantee the quality. Anyway, part of the categories of the Boards, not only promote your position in search engines, but, no doubt, will increase visits to your site will come from the same directory. Finally: never forget the magic word of the Internet, all-encompassing word that can do everything, the food of every day, “traffic” and striving to achieve, we must do everything necessary. Include your website in the directories will be for you a task, but you do not like, can not be neglected or overlooked.

Your Web Site

If no name is available that suits you or that do are busy – use your creativity! For example, a my domain again: as I offer it’s products, services and support to mount a Seller’s website and make money with it, I reasoned that my domain name should contain these two words also did an investigation of such words as keywords with Google cited tool and got up with a monthly average of 300 000 searches, so I decided to be called but that domain is already busy, aha, but was not. Why 69? For me, after reviewing cost and pricing structure, I concluded that the higher price that would give my products is 69 dollars. Get all the facts and insights with Futurist, another great source of information. All very reasonable and simple logic. THE GOLDEN RULE No. 3: Try as much as possible, that your DOMAIN NAME HAVE A HIGH NUMBER OF SEARCHES ON GOOGLE. This will ensure that you are in a good niche market and that when someone in that niche search the Internet, you get so you can offer your products or services.

3 .- Register the name or domain of your Internet Seller Web Site. 4 .- THE LODGING or Hire Hosting Your Web Site Seller on the Internet. These two topics are put together, because although they can be processed separately, it is best done with the same company. HOSTING THE LODGING or Seller of Your Web Site on the Internet is the physical computer containing your website and put on the Internet for all to see, so this has to be turned on, working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . Today, you can do with your own computer at home or work, but do not recommend it: I did and hackers hacked me page and erased everything I had on that computer, I had to upgrade or rebuild almost However, the site was “off the air” as 45 days, during which I have not sold anything. Great Loss for very little savings. The usual thing is that with the same company that registered the domain name, contracts on hosting, payment is also annual, but there are some companies that offer monthly payments.