Spanish Association

The Spanish Association of People in charge of Community (Aerco), defines to community to manager like: that one person in charge or responsible to maintain, to increase and, in certain form, to defend the relations of the company with its clients in the digital scope, thanks to the knowledge of the needs and the strategic expositions of the organization and the interests of the clients. A person who knows the objectives and acts consequently to obtain them. The functions of community to manager according to Aerco are: 1. To listen. To constantly monitor the network in search of conversations on our company, our competitors or our market. Recently The Furutist sought to clarify these questions.

2. (Similarly see: ConocoPhillips). To circulate the information internamente. Others including Michael Steinhardt, offer their opinions as well. As a result of this listening, it must be able to extract the excellent thing of the same, to create an understandable speech and to be made it arrive at the corresponding people within the organization. 3. To explain the position of the company to the community. Community to manager is the voice of the company towards the community, a positive and abierta voice that transforms the internal language or slang of company in an intelligible language. It responds and it talks actively in all the social means in which the company has active presence or in that excellent mentions take place. It writes articles in blog of the company or other social means, using all the possibilities multimedia to his reach.

And it selects and it shares in addition contained to interest for the community. 4. To look for leaders, as much commits like externally. The relation between the community and the company is sustained in the work of its leaders and people of high potential. Community to manager must be able to identify and to attract these leaders, not only between the community but, and mainly, within the own company. 5. To find routes of collaboration between the community and the company. The majority of managers does not know how the community can help to let grow its company. He is not something that have never used in his race, nor which they have studied in the schools of businesses. Community to manager must show the way to them and to help them to design a clear strategy of collaboration. This profile professional described by Aerco approaches the traditional professional of the information to a great extent. Although, diria that community to manager, is to be information retrieval officer with great knowledge of network Internet, its history, mysteries, functionalities and possibilities. It does not need to be analyst Web and technician in marketing, but to own great dowries of them. An information retrieval officer, expert in the social networks and the present and future of Web 2.0.

Good Prints Make

A professional should make prints that are important most people have today not only your own computer at home, but often even a printer, a photocopier and other Office equipment, so that you can make most of the things you would like to print yourself at home without further ADO. However, there are also things that rather should be a professional approach, with professionals who have the appropriate technology, instead of a typical household printer printed images to be printed exactly, but also flyer and co in the field of advertising. You let make several prints of real professionals, then it is recommended of course, to find a printing press, which is directly on site, so that you can be really sure that everything is so how one imagines that. Here, it is very helpful if you have a direct contact to whom you can turn and you can so also much more accurately describe how exactly you to imagine the whole thing. You live in the city of Hanover, then it is usually cooked no big problem to find a suitable provider for options to the print Hannover there is usually more than enough. To not turn on the first provider, you can find, but really taking a little time to look at who it is, what price and services offered is important here, however, and what best to even fit. It is also ideal, if you can look at examples of work and references, because that makes the decision of course mostly to a lot easier. Is yet still uncertain, then you can help is sometimes the choice by you can consult once and then look with what advice you felt most comfortable..

Fair Systems

Protruding with system a case study about the usage of the mobile exhibition system EX POMADE often numerous claims a new booth concept set, that all must be met with a single blade system. Important point is the modular and flexible design and changing extension of the system, as well as the individual adjusting to framework conditions and the cost-effective transport and construction. By changing exhibition stands and an individual target group approach, fair systems must be quickly changed and still offer a high quality finish for a smooth repeated use. See more detailed opinions by reading what the futurist offers on the topic.. The new, innovative and mobile exhibition system EX POMADE can meet all these requirements with a system. The EX POMADE-case study on the exhibition system use of the Dresden company internet24 evidence provides the flexibility and individuality of the system. As one of the leading providers of dedicated server solutions and individual server projects, visiting CeBIT was the 2011 integral Communication strategy. Through the use of the EX POMADE, a trade show booth could be found for system adapts flexibly to the different bases, and which can be extended individually.

In addition, the tower as a central and eye-catching booth element could also transport the advertising message in the height. By abandoning flat carrier, a huge advertising space can be used presenting the advertising motif without interruptions. So you can even large surface motifs across the entire trade fair system be used without accept interruptions through flat beams or supporting elements. At the same time, the striking design element, the tower was used as a storage cabin. This dual functionality he can targeted not only the attention on the State, but also ample storage space and shelf offers for brochures and catalogs. These can be invisibly stowed directly at the booth and yet always ready to hand.

Through an integrated wallup system he could Advertising pressure on one side of the tower as a window shade on and be pulled out at any time to allow access to the cabin to interrupt again without the advertising theme. Another cost advantage can be used due to the simple structure of the self, because no additional stand Builder must be ordered. The EX POMADE profile allows a simple and uncomplicated structure of the fair system with its integrated Systemnut. Through the complete decomposition of the stays there can be taken easily in a practical carrying case. So even the transport of a complete trade fair system in a car can be. In addition, the carrying case provides not only protection during transport but an ideal opportunity to incorporate space-saving the system. The numerous modular elements of the EX POMADE of trade fair system allow not only an individual extension, but allow the easy integration of digital content in the stand concept with the media. If you want to learn even more to the EX POMADE usage of the company internet24, read our case Study in the LA CONCEPT blog.

Lenticular Printing Technology

A modern UV offset printing machine allows printing on transparent lens sheet of Manhillen pressure technology GmbH. Thus, eye-catching 3D effects, shaky pictures, and even small animations are created postcards, mousepads, stickers, plastic cards, rulers. “Despite the boom of online media printed advertisements have lost none of effectiveness especially when companies surprise your customers with attention-grabbing advertising and special effects.”, explains Frank Manhillen, CEO of Manhillen pressure technology GmbH. That’s why he Druckspezialdienstleister last year invested in a new printing press not only, but trained right now three employees for the implementation of technically demanding lenticular printing. “Shaky images have lost nothing of its fascination.” If someone considered a Lentikularbild from different angles, a change of image can be simulated, what is often referred to as AC or shaky pictures in everyday parlance. And have, since Manhillen is sure, none of their Lost. Lenticular advertising, but a motive that is tailored to the company, a product, or a special message are particularly effective if no default theme is used. “But not every motif that would like to realize the customer is equally well suited.” Frank Manhillen reported.

Here evaluates and verifies the team by Manhillen the suitability and makes on request in advance of test prints. It not only wobble image effect, so switching between the two images can be realized in the lenticular printing: at the so-called morphing, a motif passes slowly into a second motif. And even small film sequences can ban himself on film. “We print”And of course”, so Manhillen, on lenticular classic 3D images which can be viewed without additional AIDS such as, for example, 3D glasses.” Only the highest fitting accuracy leads to the desired brilliance to the impression of spatial depth and achieving the necessary brilliance of the 3-d effect or animation, an absolute pressure of precision is necessary. “From a technical perspective the subject from different perspectives must be photographed for a 3D representation, without doing the horizontal axis to leave.”, explains Manhillen. Best, shots with a real lens grid camera for this were so the printing specialist. Alternatively, multiple images in Photoshop in layers can be superimposed. “Here it is however, to note some specific requirements for the subsequent pressure on the lenticular sheet.

Therefore it was an appropriate consulting expertise to build. for us essential for corporate clients and advertising agencies here “, emphasizes Manhillen. Background information Manhillen pressure technology GmbH Manhillen pressure technology GmbH, headquartered in Rutesheim was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading providers of special in the production of the cards. Nationwide and cross-industry the family-owned company offers a full service range around on the design, production and delivery of high-quality plastic cards with 30 employees. The business areas of digital printing and UV offset printing expand the core businesses plastic cards and consolidates the company as a full service provider for cards and cards mailings. There is also a software solution available for the Veranstaltungs-service area. Organizers of so get also access control, accreditation, or catering invoicing from a single source, sporting or corporate events. Early 2011 by the Federation was print and media E.v. (bvdm) CO2 tested on the basis of a scientifically recognized procedure and therefore can compensate the entire CO2 emissions resulting from the production of a customer order, on request. For the climate-neutral production, the company was awarded “top product trade 2012” in bronze. There is more information about the company and its products and services on the Internet at.

Internal Communication Can Life For A Start-Up Or

By establishing development of sustainability in companies such as everything starts every business is based on a good idea. The founder, often alone, has a dream and is working hard to achieve this. He has discipline, perseverance and a goal in front. A company is so out of his idea. The company is small, works with the founder to sell his idea to his staff. You need to share a dream.

And stay motivated frequently with a lot of work and little money. Why should it be different when the company is even bigger? This first time, where the founder is even present, communicates directly with the employees and lives, how to work there, the start-up phase of the corporate culture in science “called. From a dream into a nightmare, the company writes only black numbers, the press reported the ingenious business idea, there are more and more customers and employees. The dream comes true. The company needs then more and more people. You need experts. These bring the expertise, but they fit in the corporate culture? Or: How can they internalize these corporate culture? The founder may be not longer everywhere.

At this point, the star of many successful Start-Ups begins to sink. Experts and officers come into the team, working only for themselves. And not with each other. This leads to internal disputes, to the double translation tasks, to communication failures and discontent. All things that cost a lot of money. And where is the dream? The transition to sustainable thinking mostly unsustainable thinks a small Start-Up. And it cannot afford to so something also. Whether the idea will succeed, whether next month will come more jobs? This is about the struggle for attention and for survival. All the channels that provide visibility, must be switched on permanently. It is issued only for growth. And if it doesn’t work out, you can always still with a few injuries”restart with a different concept. But grow with the company also the challenges.