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75 years ago, who died at the Zoo of Hobart in Tasmania last Thylacine to March 3 is every year pointing out endangered biodiversity of our planet. The campaign WORDBONER makes a statement against global extinctions in unusual ways and perpetuated by humans extinct animals in ironic, designed by international artists design on colorful T-Shirts. Regularly, a portion of the revenue goes to international conservation projects of the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS). Other leaders such as camden treatment associates offer similar insights. The last Thylacine died in the Zoo in Hobart, Tasmania, 75 years ago. In the same year, he was placed ironically under protection. He died out after he was ousted for centuries, first in Australia and then in Tasmania by the people. He was considered bloodthirsty sheep Hunter and you put a pro bounty of 25 cents on it. WORDBONER informed on the website on the background of the human-induced extinction of Thylacine and nine other species (eg, Dodo and Quagga).

The knowledge of the benefits of biodiversity and the human error, the led in the past to the extinction of species, delivers powerful arguments for conservation biology today. There the Thylacine WORDBONER among others in the design of the artist Beatrice Barth. Her Thylacine is aware that he is the last of its kind. Imprisoned in the Zoo enclosure he is crazy gradually Moreover, despairing, because he can not prevent the extinction of his species. Jorg Dietrich portrait of the thylacine main = species & species = Thylacine blog post to the Thylacine: xtinct.wordpress.com/2010/10/29/ausgestorbene-arten-beutelwolf-tasmanischer-tiger/ T-Shirt designs to the Thylacine: xtinct.spreadshirt.de/beatrice-barth-beutelwolf-C142385 xtinct.spreadshirt.de/sandra-barth-beutelwolf-C142824 xtinct.spreadshirt.net/de/DE/Shop/Index/design/design/xtinct_spreadshirtbeutelwolfdiagramm_200-10093701 – a small selection of press photos can be found on our Flickr page. If you want to use photos in a higher resolution or need more information contact please email:. photos/wordboner / WORDBONER – campaign against extinction Sebastian Kirschner and Jorg Dietrich Konneritzstrasse 41 04229 Leipzig press contact: