German Government

Germany affirms that he had asked all relevant permissions. Surprisingly other German aircraft, with the rest of the delegation, yes could cross. At the end he received permission at the last moment, without that it would have to scale. The Iranian authorities have retained this morning for two hours in the air the official of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, aircraft on his way to the India for an official trip. The Airbus A-340 of the Chancellor and his delegation was forced to return and to fly over the airspace of Turkey to receive permission to cross the territory of Iran, said Steffen Seibert, German Government‘s official spokesman. Never until now there had been an incident as well, said Seibert, who commented that it was needed an hour of intense negotiations by the Ministry germano on Foreign Affairs, with the mediation of Turkey, so finally Tehran authorize Merkel plane traverses the Iranian airspace.

He added that before the beginning of the trip the pass night the German authorities had requested all relevant permissions so that the aircraft made its flight normally, something which, apparently, to deny the authorities of Iran. The plane of Merkel received permission at the last moment, since, otherwise, it would have been obliged to ctuar a forced stopover in Turkey for refueling in the absence of fuel. Curiously a second German official aircraft carrying the rest of the German delegation that will participate in the first indio-alemana Summit smoothly crossed the airspace of Iran and made his trip with normality. The plane of the head of the German Government, named in honor of the first federal Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer covered its first flight after being refurbished in the workshops of the German company Lufthansa at Hamburg. The Chancellor will preside by German party official consultations with India beginning Tuesday and which will discuss mainly energy, economic and financial policy. Merkel will do also propaganda of the fighter plane European who jointly build Germany, Great Britain, Spain and Italy whose aerial forces are interested in the purchase of 126 devices the Indian authorities. Source of the news: the Iranian authorities retain in the air the plane of Merkel