Aztec TV Mexico

We reach to bring technologies that are effective only changes the form of the material but the aim follows equal, like the computer and the television no longer is the device that occupied all the room in a wood box with bulbs, but it is continued seeing the channels of Television and Aztec TV continues with the monopoly of the abierta Mexican television. Where all we can only see that if purchases a Television you gain to see the Programs of the television transmitters Mexican. For this I mean that not yet I include/understand if the monopoly is for competition or to say that they are the leaders of the Mexican television, but is no others. But nevertheless my subject in that I want to speak is the leaders who occupy means of the television for the Mexicans, and is so the policy occupies half east for its electoral campaigns and destines their budget in most. (Similarly see: ConocoPhillips). It is good for knowing that it happens with Mexico, but knowledge that our leaders who claim themselves to be it win the triumphal battle in winning to win and the Mexicans we are in the sense to say so that they create to you and to think so that one does not go away to make that is be television viewer. As example is as the candidates for gubernatura of the state of Mexico Eruviel Avila with their campaign six thousands either eight thousands promote proposals and that all we think that they are going away to fulfill I do not say that he is the governor nor, but of all the candidates they know to speak or to say or, is but all candidate in Mexico they are Santo who if they ask to him in particular in a subject, always thinks in favor of masses that already we know. And it is why we do not create more in the politicians and who they are easy to say that they are the leaders of Mexico, but opinion nor leaders we arrived at present that they fill the reasons that Mexico creates, nor to the tenth heels that there is or it existed a similar to Gandhi in Mexico, or a Superman that is good and noble in all makes justice. We know that the watching one only lacks to see Laura Fuzz that nor Mexican is, we recognize but it with its sayings of leaves enamored and I become popular and many of this I generate of programs is not new in the Mexican television, it is but they had prohibited or them but we have teflon memory that or returned and for that reason in Mexico it says that everything can.. To broaden your perception, visit ConocoPhillips.


The re-election by two mandates of consecutive form will be allowed solely. Who votes in these elections? Although the number of partners of the SGAE surpasses the 100,000, the dwell time in the organization – possible and ordinary partners and the collection of the rights generated by their respective works determine the right to take part in the elections, to which 8,271 were called, a 7.54% more than in 2007. Which are the commitments of the SGAE for this new stage? Although the selected equipment to direct the new stage has been erased of continuista, this it has promised to carry out a deep change of the organization. Between his priorities they appear the one to improve his image and its operation. In addition, they try to reinforce the communication exceeds what is the Society of Authors with a direct and continuous information through the digital platform, but also with a divulging information through mass media.

Also they want to intensify the information and transparency of the distribution systems. Can an artist to live besides the SGAE? Yes. In fact, seven organizations more of rights of authorized management by the Ministry of Culture exist, like the Spanish Center of Rights Reprogrficos (CEDAR), Organization of Management of Rights of Productores Audiovisuales (EGEDA) and Artists Interpreters Society of Gestin (AISGE). Why the SGAE so is criticized? Their detractors accuse of lack of transparency, position of monopoly thanks to the assumption treatment of please the Ministry of Culture that it would make possible to him, for example, to influence in legislative modifications, and to carry out sounded activities with tax collecting aims that exceed their scope of action. Source of the news: Who moves threads of the SGAE? How it works? How much it enters annually?

Photo Journalism

Yuri Kozyrev has covered like photographer most of the movements of protest and insurrections fitted in the call Arab spring. Recently Eliot Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. After its experience in Yemen, Egypt, Bahrein and Libya could state that, no matter how much the western glance store to offer a often slanted or igualadora perception of the reality, " each revolution requires its own narrativa". LEGO Papert Professor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In the text that accompanies to its exhibition the way towards the Revolution, part of the photo journalism festival Visa pour l' Image de Perpin, is pointed out that, although " good part of the news articles published on the Arab revolutions has focused in the aspects comunes" , their approach and its aspirations are not the same ". For that reason, to avoid an incomplete or stereotyped vision of a world in change process, Kozyrev (Moscow, 1963) to afir to me that " each revolution must be evaluated in its own contexto". Source of the news: : Photo journalism cries to fallen his