Aztec TV Mexico

We reach to bring technologies that are effective only changes the form of the material but the aim follows equal, like the computer and the television no longer is the device that occupied all the room in a wood box with bulbs, but it is continued seeing the channels of Television and Aztec TV continues […]


The re-election by two mandates of consecutive form will be allowed solely. Who votes in these elections? Although the number of partners of the SGAE surpasses the 100,000, the dwell time in the organization – possible and ordinary partners and the collection of the rights generated by their respective works determine the right to take […]

Photo Journalism

Yuri Kozyrev has covered like photographer most of the movements of protest and insurrections fitted in the call Arab spring. Recently Eliot Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. After its experience in Yemen, Egypt, Bahrein and Libya could state that, no matter how much the western glance store to offer a often slanted or igualadora […]