Positioning as resources have been tested many things, but most represent a major effort by the SEO positioning, which is why the Gadget, are a very useful tool in spreading information. Like any good SEO knows well informed duplication of information is one of the mistakes that pay dearly in the long run. Many SEOs take the short road positioning, copy information from articles and they change the source address information by incorporating its own. The bad news is that such activity is controlled by search engines, and what the robots do is check the date of the source file, building original to the earliest date in this way, the other, taken back, will be penalized out of this positioning mode circuit. Because in PosicionamientoURL understand the usefulness of disseminating accurate information from our research department of the practice of positioning, our results published in articles and share them with others who provide services SEO, distributing free small applications that are not executable, but as embeddable HTML code, free distribution, which can read the contents of the articles in one case, or links to various sites where the articles have been published. All original, none is a copy, and all have their origin in our test lab does not say things unverifiable and even for any SEO are sources of methods and strategies benchmarks. Even we doubt many of the claims are rather mystical and that we have been dedicated to research, they have to do with the very design of the sites, like the fable of not using frames techniques in the construction of sites, excessive prestige fake pages created in HTML, or as innocuous suggestion that Flash sites can not be positioned.

False mythologies that can be checked with serious research. I and other matters, are circulated in our Gadget to suggest this, read the articles on Gadget themselves to understand their role and scope, and read everything about concepts such as Clouds, linkbaiting, Sandbox, and many other recent findings that constitute a good overview of what has been and is functioning. To read these topics, no need to go to the sites, but read in the Gadget presented here in some cases and in others are articles published in places like this. If you look at one of the Gadget even see the link that appears in this article. In this example, we can clearly show the spread of the gadget itself, which allows any item you want at any sites, can be displayed on the site or blog you want. The Gadget is a small HTML code that is pasted on the page or site where you want to appear and requested in the mail: The Gadget list can be seen in these Gadgets articles would be available in your page or blog without the user to switch between pages to read, they can be read on the page where you place them.