Technical White Magic

The dowsing is the perception and measurement of the energy of objects.It is a very old technique of white magic or white witchcraft, in which receives information from the vibration of the object and amplifies it through tools such as the pendulum, metal rods and the bagueta, manufactured by the radiestesista with various natural materials.Among the instruments used is the pendulum. It is used by white magic very frequently to ask questions which can respond with a Yes or a no and also for healing at a distance, always complementing the treatment of traditional medicine.Pendulums in tip, used to give precision to the auxiliary dials, allow us get answers of incredible accuracy. The bagueta is basically a tree, preferably Hazel horqueta. Taken from the ends of the branch and points toward the floor, in the search for minerals, deposits or water. The search method is done with a witness, i.e., with a sample of the element that is intended to find. The witness is an element very used in the dowsing and follows the principles used for many magic spells. It can be a personal garment, a photograph or a sample of a specific place.The metal rods, also called dual rod, consist of two rods in L that we will take by their shorter ends. Movements of them respond, like the pendulum, to questions that can be answered with Yes and no and are widely used to detect the place where a person or object is located. Searches or measurements which uses the dowsing must be carried out according to the principles of the white magic, namely greater preparation and connection with the energy, the better the results. Original author and source of the article