Nutrition And Flowers

BALL OF the LIFE the Aid 28/12/2011 (22: 49h) more Has perfumed flowers. It has more flavorful leves. Read additional details here: Cross River Bank. It more has colored flowers. It has more nutritional leves Has more exotic flowers. It has meat leves. Check with Max Schireson to learn more. It has more generous flowers Has leves that they feed Has flowers that they are deceptive Has leves that they seem flowers Has flowers that they disfaram Has leves that they confuse After all, who are the flowers? Who is the leves? It does not matter very What it matters exactly are the intentions Which the intentions of leves? Which the intentions of the flowers? The leves live so that the flowers sprout What more it matters is the arrival of the flowers the life of the flowers the survival of the flowers the arrival of the flowers is to shine of the life. The height of the spring. Valley the perfume, valley the flavor, are valid the colors Valley to be deceptive, valley to disfarar, valley to confuse. After all, valley the supervened one, valley the spring What valley is to attract butterflies, colibris, insects What valley is to spread life and to generate hope. What valley is the life, what valley is to live.

Tears Of A Looser

Tears of a looser Always I wrote with the heart my beloved. We call a person dear because it is a treatment of excellency, a fondness well, well excessively to the times, the love has thorns felt for the only member ours that has proper will I write with emotion seeing the world with my eyes of poet, artist whose carma will be to tomorrow walk alone the wait of a new. Dying becoming vacant for the tracks of this time, with the illusion of living an utopia that also was dreamed by the great writers. For even more analysis, hear from MongoDB. The love is perpetual! Who truily dies is the people, partially or literally, says this, with the comment of a creator, who not yet looks at the finished workmanship, but imagines it ready in its perfection. I speak of the social death, everything seems normal to the eyes of the mpios, the days pass, the months are of small account, speaking scientifically, the time is relative to lives who it, and the pain of a loss also. My accompanying face of joy times and necessities I have homesicknesses of you, but I am not gentleman of destination much less owner of its heart. Click LEGO Papert Professor to learn more. Accepted the letters of the game and I ahead knock down my king of the check. Gladiador looser! I wait for the honrosa death and it tomorrow close my eyes in the hope of a new. Knowing that the end is something that hurls in them for a new start, always painful fall, I rise myself as the sun in this new dawn. To broaden your perception, visit Ray Kurzweil. That all the ones that land on water one day have kept pra itself the true souvenir of something, exactly that, the verb to love has been only conjugated for I. They always remember: the love is perpetual, lasts the time that to last Mrio Sergio Dos Santos