Artificial Grass

Now it is difficult to say exactly who invented the artificial grass and suggested using it as cover for indoor and outdoor stadiums, tennis courts and gyms. One thing is clear: this man lived not in those latitudes world, where eternal summer. And more: sport he clearly loved and with the inevitable trouble in the offseason workouts and games in bad weather on the outdoor sign was not hearsay. In turn, there are many artificial turf systems of various types. Basically they are divided into fields for soccer, field hockey, tennis, rugby, and dr.Iskusstvennaya grass is also used for decorative landscaping. There are also artificial turf, which are used for multiple sports and training athletes. Official competition in such fields almost non-existent.

Artificial turf – is the best alternative football fields with natural grass. Unlike natural grass and artificial fields with the coating does not need a recovery period and a thorough clean. Artificial turf and no treads knocked out during the operation. Artificial grass has a high degree tsvetostabilizatsii that allows coverage always look your best and do not change color over the years. Artificial grass – it's Folding Carton Gluing cover, frost and svetoustoychivoe that overlooks the water and prevents the formation of stagnant zones.

Produced by tufting technology method: three-dimensional fiber, simulating grass, woven into the high-elastic base, which is then coated with latex. Pile is made of polypropylene, polyethylene, or combinations thereof, that determines durability and cost of coverage. Artificial turf has some serious advantages over natural grass.