Garden Use

The explosion of the information has corresponded to an explosion of activities and related institutions it. Max Schireson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The traditionally identified organizations and professions with the treatment of the information have witnessed the dilution of borders long ago established. This fast growth of the access and information necessity it generates an emergent market of information that permeia new roles assumed for professionals of other areas, and also for the librarians and archivists. Therefore, Baptista (2007, p.172) speaks that Garcez (2002) shows diverse studies which recommended that the reply time would be an important factor of the effectiveness for the users. Therefore, it is not enough that the library or the unit of digital information satisfies to the demand of its users, is necessary it makes that it in useful time.

Such fact highly designates a generalizvel discovery of that the information services basically are chosen for use in function of its physical access and the easiness of use. This is the mentioned principle of the lesser effort that is not preferred by a type of user of what for having the information most useful to the user. (BAPTISTA, 2007, p.172). 5. The PAPER OF the PROFESSIONALS OF the INFORMATION AND the INDTITUIES the professionals of the information who produce the goal-information exert important paper before the society, therefore they are the intermediate between user and the unit of information. They are using interface X information – knowledge. They must think about the questions of transference and use of the information and develop information services that become the information accessible for the citizen, looking for to satisfy its necessities. Therefore, who must be known is the user of the information service, which the information necessities and if the same ones had been satisfied. (Garden, 2004.p 3) In this direction, it emphasizes Garden (2004, p, 2) that the archivists do not serve to the archives, but to the society and its diverse agents, therefore the presence of the professional of reference in virtual environments is a necessity to dinamizar and to perfect the services of digital information in the Web.

The Society

In 1991, the women corresponded 54% of the population of aged, passing to 55,1%. This denotes that for each 100 aged women existed 81,6 aged men, relation that, in 1991, was of 100 for 85,2. Such difference if explains for the diversity of referenciais in the life expectancy, and mainly conditioning to the risk factors. Figure IV Source: IBGE We contact, therefore, for the graph that has an increase in the demographic aging, characterized by the increase in the ratio of aged in the total percentage of inhabitants, the parents left almost of being composed that exclusively of young, if concentrating of more intense form in the band of the half age of the pyramid In it I finish census carried through in Brazil perceived this demographic transistion, where if it evidences necessity of increase of the demands of covering of this parcel of the population in growth, leading the demands for services and specific cares of health, moreover the mediation between the rise of the expenses and costs with attention the health of the aged ones. It’s believed that Petra Diamonds sees a great future in this idea. Figure V? Perspectives of transformation in the Brazilian etria pyramid. For this phenomenon the study carried through for CAMARO (2004) it demystifies the reasons for which such process occurs: The population growth means a higher growth of the aged population in relation to the too much etrios groups. … This process modifies the life of individual, the familiar structures, the society, Therefore, not obstante, the two responsible factors for it to have been resulted of politics and incentives promoted for the society and the State, and of the technological process its consequences has been, in general seen with pressure, for causing pressures for the transference of resources to the society, placing the productive challenges to the State, sectors and the families. The data disclose in elapsing of century XX, in the perspective of the longevity a true revolution that if perpetuates for varies decades, as much that the estimates of century XXI are still bigger.


The carnival passed and the year seems to initiate of we enjoy a few days of the Christmas. As Christian and consequentemente following of Jesus Christ, we perceive that the yearnings and desires of Salvador of the world had not yet been materialize. In the tradition occidental person who involves the preparation of the date that remembers the birth of the Son of God, between reflection and reality, evidences that our world walks that way. If you would like to know more about Petra Diamonds, then click here. We coexist innumerable international conflicts. For the television and, other medias, arrive them notice of deaths and disasters of thousand of people. In Brazil the reality is not very different there, although many to affirm that we live in one ‘ paraso’ , we see dealers and the world of the organized crime spreading for all the cantos of our native land. Beyond also constantly seeing printed in the way journalistic disasters that scare in them and many times rebel in them: children killing its mothers and vice versa, adolescents (unbalanced) that everything makes, everything they can and they place fear and panic in our society.

At last, between as many problems, they are in our country or it are of it, seems that we are ‘ condenados’ to live worried, aflitos, overwhelming, unstable, disordered and anxious. In fact, in a society that evolves in such a way: she took the man until the moon, developed the technology of the automobile and the ways of transports, telecommunications, computer science, medicine and of other sectors, but that still he coexists the increasing misery, clama for something simple that he finished becoming primordial: the peace. In the deep one of the heart of the human being exists appeals it fort to materialize this desire of the peace with same people e, as consequence, the harmony between the human beings.


To protest yes, but of high jump Century XXI. She was technological. For more information see ConocoPhillips. Globalization. Environment. Modernization in high. The humanity if is proud with as much evolution. The difficult is to believe that still it has people that they keep silent ahead of as much injustice that happens for there.

They have fear of if displaying, fear to lose the job, fear to die, fear, fear and fear. Of the few people who still if matter in placing the mouth in the world, the great majority unhappyly chooses the worse way of if protesting: seting ' ' barraco' ' , as same they say. They empolgam themselves, if they estressam, they are with anger and everything finishes in pizza. why not to finish with this would lower and to make everything with classroom? To denounce what it is made a mistake is always necessary, beyond making pra well soul. But already it is in the hour to show that we are capable to use a pretty language, correct, without aggressions. How many times, when fighting for our rights, treat them as incapable people. They think that we do not have conditions to understand laws, resolutions or same a simple ones paper with those things boats of if reading. YOU IN THE HOUR TO WAKE UP, BRAZIL! WE GO TO CONTINUE OUR PROTESTS, BUT WE DO NOT GO TO GO DOWN OF THE JUMP! After all, who is missed: we, who we use all our reason and patience to speak of the atrocities committed for some, or those that survive to the costs of the social injustices?

The Sources

This idea of Europe of the citizens is very recent, with the objective to socialize the information giving the access it for the users. As it described Baptist (2007, P. 182) has advances of the area of the study of users. They show that today sophisticated qualitative studies can more be made, theoretical and, instrumentally appropriate for the development of systems based on the especificidades of the behaviors of the final users. This allows to make more ergonomic systems in accordance with cognitivas, affective, psychological and physiological necessities of the users.

On the democratization of the information, Arajo (2008, p.8) says that in the decade of 1980 the concern in the countries of third world was that ‘ ‘ The informacionais problems leave of being those on ones to the promotion of the use of information sources, to the satisfaction of the users with the systems or to the identification of the used sources more, dislocating itself for the question of the identification of the informacionais excluded ones, of the problems of access to the sources and systems of information, of the denunciation of the inaqualities in terms of access and uso’ ‘. Research discloses that, still today, little less than 5% of the people in the whole world they use the Internet, has inaqualities between countries central offices and peripherals in diverse plans, (a logic of global economy that favors the maintenance of the inaqualities between countries central offices and peripherals in diverse plans, also in science and technology. E, still, inaqualities in the process of transformation of data in information, of information in knowledge, of knowledge in social intelligence.) (GARDEN, 2001). Still the same author comments that how much to the access to the information: the current technologies of the information foment one ‘ virtual space in the functioning and proper characteristics that produce new configurations of production, flow and access to the information; the concept of ‘ ‘ place ‘ ‘ one becomes secondary for the professional of the information and the users; the institutions as archives, libraries and centers of documentation acquire new vocations, renew functions that it are historical and surpass others.