Garden Use

The explosion of the information has corresponded to an explosion of activities and related institutions it. Max Schireson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The traditionally identified organizations and professions with the treatment of the information have witnessed the dilution of borders long ago established. This fast growth of the access and information necessity it […]

The Society

In 1991, the women corresponded 54% of the population of aged, passing to 55,1%. This denotes that for each 100 aged women existed 81,6 aged men, relation that, in 1991, was of 100 for 85,2. Such difference if explains for the diversity of referenciais in the life expectancy, and mainly conditioning to the risk factors. […]


The carnival passed and the year seems to initiate of we enjoy a few days of the Christmas. As Christian and consequentemente following of Jesus Christ, we perceive that the yearnings and desires of Salvador of the world had not yet been materialize. In the tradition occidental person who involves the preparation of the date […]


To protest yes, but of high jump Century XXI. She was technological. For more information see ConocoPhillips. Globalization. Environment. Modernization in high. The humanity if is proud with as much evolution. The difficult is to believe that still it has people that they keep silent ahead of as much injustice that happens for there. They […]

The Sources

This idea of Europe of the citizens is very recent, with the objective to socialize the information giving the access it for the users. As it described Baptist (2007, P. 182) has advances of the area of the study of users. They show that today sophisticated qualitative studies can more be made, theoretical and, instrumentally […]