Buenos Aires

It was a place charming and cozy, but Teresa was still saying that she didn’t want to leave his beloved Buenos Aires, nor their children and grandchildren. -Think about how wonderful that will be seeing us getting older together on the shores of the sea and these wonderful and tranquil beaches – said Daniel sweetly while watching her tenderly into the eyes – think in as you enjoy see run in them to your children and grandchildren whenever they come to visit you. You know that any of us economic condition is not so good to be able to give us the luxury of having this type of vacation often. Think when they grow and help us in the task of addressing the bar, which I am sure will love them. I wish could say the same for my grandchildren. Can you not imagine with that taste I would care for them for a month while their father take vacation as such! You don’t know that he would see them chasing on the beach while I shout: grandfather, come with us to the sea!.

Is that that is not possible in my case but in yours if. You should not stop thinking about it. You should not say no to this opportunity that gives you life. Teresa looked so excited with one three idea that was born of nothing and already were living it as a reality, which could not stop feeling overwhelmed by this spirit. Little by little in a few hours, was convinced that she would cease to love his children and grandchildren, or they forget his mother and grandmother because they were living a few miles of distance. Daniel did not cease to find positive things in the change. And he was accepting them naturally.

When they were of Zapallar, almost had closed the dealings with the owner of the bar. It just missing each to sell their property to have enough money to start the business, something that was very simple because in those moments, by a rare coincidence that Daniel ever I would have considered as such, but as part of what fate had him booked, buying and selling real estate was booming in Argentina. That was how the lives of the four began again, despite the fact that none of them had less than fifty years.

Digital TV PCTV

The world of the miniaturization is present in PicoStick PCTV PicoStick PCTV (74e) is a small and revolutionary tuner DVB-T (USB) for PC Windows. Thanks to a technology totally new Integra a chip, that brings reception DVB-T to new dimensions. With a length of 35 mm and one width of 12 mm within a metallic box dongles USB of television in the market is significantly smaller than all the others. In spite of the extreme miniaturization, the device provides a high sensitivy and even allows the perfect reception of the TV in the zones with smaller quality of the signal. Its metallic box of unique design, with its clamp of protection causes that it is an elegant and modern accessory, for small laptops, PCs netbook and nettops. Software including totally renewed TVCenter 6 causes that it is easy to see, to make TimeShift and to record the TV in direct. With a new design in its user interface, the PCTV picoStick Integra without problems in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It allows to watch and recordings in complete screen or a freely redimensionable window while it works with other programs.

PicoStick PCTV comes with a new mini Tuning telescoping antenna Standard from TV: terrestrial digitalis TDT (MPEG-2, MPEG-4 ABC/H.264) Interface: USB 2,0 (Hi-Speed) Formats of recording of TV MPEG-1 (out of line of trans-codification) MPEG-2 Transport Stream MPEG-4 H.264 (ABC) flow of transport DivX (out of line of trans-codification) the whip antenna can be connected to the magnetic base, or in areas with good signal of DVB – T directly to the antenna lead of PCTV picoStick. Users to the last one: These users prefer products with design, where the technical advantages with the quality and ease of use of products are combined. PCTV PicoStick is the perfect election for these clients thanks to their exceptional industrial design. The enthusiastic ones of the series of TV: These users who watch much, mainly in series of television with emission in regular schedule. In order to make sure that they will not lose not one episode, they record all, to be able to see them several times.

PCTV PicoStick that includes the application of software TVCenter 6 totally renewed, is an extraordinarily small and powerful product to see in direct or recording TV in a PC. To program the recordings to keep all the episodes from the series of TV is as easy as it can be, since Electronic OnGuide includes the Digital TV Gua of Programs. PCTV PicoStick is smaller tuner DVB-T of the world for PC Windows. In an elegant metallic box the PCTV picoStick at any moment guarantees an optimal reception of TV DVB-T and Radio1 thanks to their optimal technology of reception. With their small size, minimum power consumption and the low load of the system, the PCTV picoStick is the perfect companion of the digital television for the last generation of netbooks. The new software TVCenter 6 including, diminishes the time of configuration and it allows him to realise Timeshift and to rewind the TV in direct of as easy way as can be. The integrated metal clip protects connector USB of effective way and the new mini telescoping antenna allows a greater flexibility in the configuration following the intensity of the signal.

Earth Civilization

The first sun ended by earthquakes, the second – the hurricanes, the third – volcanic sediments, and the fourth – the flood. Life after Maya will end if the life of our civilization in 2012? On the one hand, the Maya predicted the destruction of this civilization as a result of a certain movement of the Earth. But it is followed not only the development of the next, the sixth civilization. If you believe the theory of Maya, after the end of the cycle of the Fifth Sun has come a evolutionary leap. It will be characterized by the development in the human community spirit. At the new level of evolution, people feel part of nature, and all of its levels (still, vegetative, animal) unite in a whole on the principle of universal telepathy. Perhaps the prediction is to be understood, apart from a purely materialistic assessment. The destruction of civilization is optional.

It just becomes unimportant in the eyes of the people away from the center of their concerns, the emergence of other values. Maya said the five epochs. In the development of any complex system can distinguish five stages. The first of these – the root, which carries a development program, its her laws, and also the impetus for the emergence of the whole system. Followed by gradual stages of complexity and increasing the independence of the elements. In any segment of the slightest possible to allocate the same five stages. Transition to the new stage is always forced.


Fragmentation and low management level – is major constraints of interaction between business and NGOs. Of course, there are various online projects, social networks, which allow to combine in virtual space business, nonprofit organizations and government. The need for such innovations has today become apparent to society itself. Clear evidence of this is the best attempts of the public, public-spirited citizens to unite; For example, a social network ".ru" where together NGOs, social activists, volunteers, businesses and government. They have already realized the importance of solving problems together.

It is hoped that the virtual union goes into action. But is the figure of 500 thousand organizations in Russia with a population of about 140 million people? Sufficiency, of course, depends not only on quantity, but for the size of the country with the largest geography, we can confidently say that this amount is not enough. In the event that Russia would once in 5 less at the same density of population, for sure, social activists would feel if his shoulder and colleagues were more effective. Who needs it? The issue is still the same, who needs to develop a non-profit sector? The answer is obvious: both the authorities and business. This development will provide a foundation of trust, increase efficiency, including, and economy. On the one hand it may seem that this is absurd – to develop civil society institutions for economic growth. But this proposition is confirmed by international experience. Democratic development of society, responsible, actively asserting their rights – the foundation of stability for the state and business.

Social Activities

Anyone who has studied or is studying in school or university had to deal with the activists or those he was. I do not want to offend those readers who were activists, but this article will be more interesting to people who do not engage in active who has never been an activist, strongly berated for being late, although its role in preparing the event was very small, he had to fire the crackers at a certain time. However, my classmate, who almost from the first class was actively involved in all activities and whose words were, never appeared at the rehearsal, and only came on line, no one, and not say a word about it, but her words were simply cut from the program. I can many examples of opportunism, but it takes too much time and space. At its core activists are divided into three categories: 1. Pure opportunists.

The vast majority of activists who are engaged in active activities only in order to obtain the benefits of respecting teachers and friends, and other privileges. 2. Opportunists who receive pleasure from their activities (vigorous activity). The average number of activists, their activity is largely a manifestation of self-interest, and privileges and benefits for them relegated to second place. 3. Activists – for the sake of interest. This category is the smallest of me presented. The activists of this type engage in social activities purely for fun, they are not interested, what will they – the privileges or not, and if they acquire them, then use them very rarely. The emergence of activists – opportunists occurs where a policy of active management of recreational activities for their organization and conduct required the active and enterprising people, in order to bring their leadership behind the scenes gives them certain privileges.

Foreign Ministry

The yearning for a stronger integration, repeated in many previous meetings of Latin American and Caribbean leaders, again dealt with at this Summit, along with climate change and energy, food and financial crises. The meeting will bring together about thirty heads of State and Government of the 33 invited countries, according to the Foreign Ministry of Brazil, whose President and host, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, will receive to leaders in Costa do Sauipe, a spa located 76 kilometres from the city of Salvador, in the State of Bahia. The Government of Brazil defines the CALC as the first opportunity that the leaders of both regions will have to converse without guardianships and for discuss with their own agendas and perspectives. The dialogue between the heads of State and Government in the CALC is an opportunity unprecedented advance in the common agenda from a perspective, according to Brazilian Foreign Minister so far is confirmed the absence of the heads of State of Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and Costa Rica. In the framework of the meeting will be also held other three summits: MERCOSUR, Unasur and the Rio Group appointment is in Sauipe Coast, a resort located 76 kilometers from Salvador, capital of Bahia State, have been invited the leaders of Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa RicCuba, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana and Haiti.

The I Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean (CALC) was born on December 16, as a possible project for consultation between mechanisms integrators in the region, without the tutelage of extra-regional powers. The dignitaries arrive at this Spa of the northeast of Brazil, summoned by Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, with the explicit purpose of promoting coordination between Nations, with greater knowledge based on the principle of solidarity and cooperation and mutual. As narrated actualidad.terra.es, the international financial crisis has hit the economies of the region by the shortage of credit in the market and the fall of the prices of the raw materials, of which are major producers.

Honduran President

Horse known by the flange that guides him. The members of the Rio Group met in Managua, Nicaragua in a special meeting to the problem of the coup de facto made in Honduras, made that they have condemned energetically. They thanked the President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega, for their hospitality and the facilities granted to celebrate this second extraordinary summit meeting. It is known that the Rio Group had requested the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of Manuel Zelaya, in his post as Honduran President. Before the General Assembly of the UN, which held a special meeting on the crisis in this South American country, the Mexican Ambassador, Claude Heller, condemned the coup in Honduras on behalf of the group.The Rio Group also rejects the use of armed force in the arbitrary detention of the Chief Executive, who was forced out of Honduras, said Heller.manifesto the total disposition of the Group contribute to the immediate establishment of the institutional order in that country. The President Mexican and anuary Chairman of the Rio Group, Felipe Calderon, read out a statement that sums up the feelings of the integrationist set during an extraordinary meeting of leaders of the region in Managua, Nicaragua. As you review it.

CNN. CU, reiterating the content of the declarations of the Rio Group the Governor started his speech. In support of democratic institutions in Honduras of 26 and 28 June 2009. Considering that these facts are an outrage to democracy in our region every time that the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean and the peoples they reject vigorously and strictly the use of force to resolve political differences, as well as any action that violates continuity institutional and democratic in our Nations. Convinced that it is urgent Act to reject these facts in categorical manner and seek to build democracy and legality of the Republic of Honduras, in adherence to the principles of our mechanism based on dialogue in consultation I declare: 1 – Add strong condemnation to the coup d ‘ etat occurred on the morning of June 28 in Honduras, and in particular to the violence and arbitrariness with was detained and forced to leave by the force of his country, the constitutional President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales.