Earth Civilization

The first sun ended by earthquakes, the second – the hurricanes, the third – volcanic sediments, and the fourth – the flood. Life after Maya will end if the life of our civilization in 2012? On the one hand, the Maya predicted the destruction of this civilization as a result of a certain movement of […]


Fragmentation and low management level – is major constraints of interaction between business and NGOs. Of course, there are various online projects, social networks, which allow to combine in virtual space business, nonprofit organizations and government. The need for such innovations has today become apparent to society itself. Clear evidence of this is the best […]

Social Sciences

It is necessary at the time of fusing itself in its reach which represents for different social actors and from the different scopes, coming as much of social sciences, the natural disciplines, the socioambiental movement or the governmental or deprived area, elements that facilitate an understanding and resolution of the distributive conflicts ecological that nowadays […]

Social Activities

Anyone who has studied or is studying in school or university had to deal with the activists or those he was. I do not want to offend those readers who were activists, but this article will be more interesting to people who do not engage in active who has never been an activist, strongly berated […]

The Whip

And if society is immoral and unethical, if it all is bought and sold, then useless and even harmful to spend money on education, without beforehand undertaking a humane ideology and spiritual upbringing. It is not surprising that our country is practically extinct honest, highly spiritual disinterested. On our social grounds, such human qualities do […]

Foreign Ministry

The yearning for a stronger integration, repeated in many previous meetings of Latin American and Caribbean leaders, again dealt with at this Summit, along with climate change and energy, food and financial crises. The meeting will bring together about thirty heads of State and Government of the 33 invited countries, according to the Foreign Ministry […]

Honduran President

Horse known by the flange that guides him. The members of the Rio Group met in Managua, Nicaragua in a special meeting to the problem of the coup de facto made in Honduras, made that they have condemned energetically. They thanked the President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega, for their hospitality and the facilities granted to […]

Russian Economy

Understand the joy of such a Prime Minister – in the absence of any appropriate action to develop the real sector of Russian economy news about changes in world commodity prices – as a healing balm to the ailing Russian soul. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mitchel Resnick . You […]