Technical Service

That music is part of the life is a reality. It would be very sad that our days are developed without a little music that cheers the heart. And what good experience that we obtained when we counted on equipment of audio of quality that can reflect the recording faithfully that we are listening. The sound becomes alive, the low ones and the acute ones surround to us, constituting a true experience in 3D, that causes that authentically we are transported of this reality. But when the things do not work especially as they would have, for the inhabitants of the zone of Whose in Argentina, the long pilgrimage began until finding a service technical of quality that could guarantee the quickly realised repairs and suitability. Happily now there is a technical service for audio in Mendoza that fulfills all the requirements that the most demanding consumer looks for. Until recently time in our homes we had a VHS reproducer. The rent of films in this format was very common, and it troubled to us to hope that it left published the next success Hollywood to be able to rent it and to see it in our house.

But the time happens, and this little practical format was replaced by the DVDs, those small plastic circles that can store a great amount of information. Due to the great capacity of the DVD, there have been no more disadvantages for the storage of films, of a superior quality with respect to graphs and sound. In this way, all the films in DVD come with sound surrounding the one that we can enjoy a Home Theater to the maximum, reproducing exactly what we lived when we go to the cinema. A DVD can store up to 133 minutes of video in apt hi-res, that is to say to be seen in the new televisions of plasma and LCD of format 16:9, that is to say, Widescreen. If we spoke of music, a DVD can keep almost eight hours from music with the maximum possible quality.

The technology that surrounds to the DVD reproducers is extremely complex. In the first place the information obtains by means of the passage of a light beam laser on the surface of the disc. Although the laser it can get to last some years, the mechanism in himself is extremely delicate and any fault in the calibration could cause reading errors of discs. Fortunately at present we counted on a technical service for audio in Mendoza who will be able to put the things in their place so that those original images and that sound superior return to our life.