Because we must take part in a course of conduct? Teach driving techniques to young drivers or with little experience on a motorcycle is relatively simple. They quickly assimilated technique. Found the problem when a driver has spent years rolling on bike and has acquired due to a so-called learning unconscious or implicit vices. There is no difference between playing tennis, circular bike or jump with pole. All this requires a previous knowledge of the technique and apply it the right way.

A driving licence just proves that the driver know driving rules, has balance and coordinated controls of the bike provided do so at medium-low speed and with a wide margin of safety. The problem begins when we demand to our motorcycle a little more. Especially when shot group at a high rate touching our own limits as not of the motorcycle. It is at that moment when we need to know the aspects that influence the sport driving a motorcycle. Would be a mistake thinking that these knowledge apply only in speed circuits. It is necessary to know the dynamics and functioning of the bike as well as the techniques to be used while driving at all times. Knowledge and application of it will allow us to maintain a rhythm light with greater margin for manoeuvre and to solve a serious situation of danger (possible via output by speeding, front or rear skid, a vehicle that does not yield the step, sliding asphalt, rain or zone humid, traffic stopped at traffic lights, etc) to exit gracefully from these and other situations is essential condition know the dynamic operation of the motorcycle to be able to decide in each time the action that we must apply. DO WE APPLY THE TECHNIQUE CORRECTLY? Where you leave rest your body weight during driving, apply force in any part of the bike by turning in a swerve, lockup with the front, rear, with both, in all situations equally, if you use 2 brakes, which you apply before, with that intensity and graduation, change the the body in the braking position, as you put the arms, how many gears reduces braking, loose the clutch every time, das a gas blow if you lock the wheel, not das never use engine braking, use reference points to turn the bike on your favorite road to that distance sights when wheels with the bike on line, where you look at curveyou consider the movement of the masses to shoot with your bike, you know as they influence the masses in stability and grip on your bike, you descuelgas the bike always, never or depending on the curve, as you put the body, lockup before or after placing the body, several body position before, during or out of the curve, you do force in the Stirrups to rotate, change direction, or accelerate, that traced bundles, the number depending on the radio or rear curve, as and where you apply gas, which you think is ideal to speed up, pulling you know revolutions that delivers your engine torque and maximum power, you use these data to shift gears in each curve if you know all these answers congratulations.