The Best Tablets

The Tablet have entered with force hollow opening in the market between the mobile phone and laptop that there is no doubt. Ever more frequent users in the subway, on the bus, even on the terrace of a bar can see people using this type of device for your own entertainment, to work, etc. And there really are a variety brands and models of tablets, in which we can install very similar applications to which they use today in our mobile phones, such as for example applications to talk for free over the Internet as Nimbuzz, use Office applications, games of all kinds, applications for synchronization, and a long etc. to try to answer some of your questions about what kind of Tablets are the best, depending on your brand, we will try to mention a few of them and explain why we believe that they are the best tablets: iPad: whatever the iPad model that utiliceis, both the iPad and the iPad2 or the future iPad3, this tablet has entered with great force in the market due to the good reputation of Apple in the market, because they have always characterized by manufacture devices that work really well, they are very solid and the guarantee is virtually assured. Perhaps the biggest drawback are the prices, but you know, good things usually not cheap Asus: this brand is experiencing significant growth and in my opinion is due to two main reasons: that HP is leaving aside the manufacture of Hardware and devices that manufacture are solid and consistent, not often have physical flaws and this offers a guarantee that other brands do not. I am personally very happy with Asus. Samsung: This brand is known in almost all sectors where it has presence, from televisions, computers, mobile phones, and now it starts to get into the world of the Tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Tabs won’t take long to have a strong presence, although in this field perhaps it costs you a little more due to the success of the iPad and the growth of Asus introduced. Acer: This brand of Tablets has always been a more affordable brand in all respects, ideal for those who want to enter the world of the Tablet without making much noise, for users who want a simple, economical device and can be used without any complications.

Archos: A brand to consider due to two fundamental factors: they are a few very simple devices, with technical characteristics and very affordable, and prices are really interesting, and the best thing is that their manufacture is not bad, nor much less, because they tend to be devices that, although simple, solid and long-lasting. These are some of the brands of better-known Tablets and with a greater presence in the market, and of course, that we can easily recommend. As you can see, in most of them we can find Android operating systems, although if we are looking for a little more, we can find some models with Windows, for those who prefer it to buy at Of course, in the vast majority of them will be able install Nimbuzz on tablets to continue talking about free and chatting with our friends and family from multiple social networks such as Facebook, Google, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, etc.