The Interior

Aguiar (2002, p.33) affirms this when it says: It seems enough, for the time being, to leave clearly that the function supervisor had its origin in the interior of the productive process, in result of the technological and social transformations of the fear of capitalist production, assuming characteristic of coordination and direction of the work, that is, acting as mediating element. The pertaining to school supervision is prepared technical to organize all the bureaucratic service and to assume position of fiscalizador inside of the school; an example clearly is the control that exerts on the planning, passbooks, amongst others. In this optics, it (intellectual organic of the pertaining to school device) it has to be able to control, autocratically, the teaching work, for this necessary reason to have a vision above all that it happens and of as the actions they are being developed and spread out in the pertaining to school seio. Of this form, the pertaining to school supervisor nothing more is that a mediator between the superstructure and the structure, in the intention to proliferate the ideologies and to support, in the power, the ruling class. Thus, the action supervisor in the conception description-critical it leaves of being controller of the teaching work (positivista vision) to be mediating of the changes of attitudes, searching alternative of overcoming of the problematic pertaining to school. Contributing so that the professors, which is directly on, acquire conscience emancipatrias politics and attitudes, assuming a critical position and dialectic inside of the school.

Vasconcellos (2006, P. 88) has a positive position of what it must be the work of the supervisor, when says: We understand the supervisor as a organic intellectual in the group; its prxis, therefore, hold the dimensions reflexiva organizativa, connective and avaliativa. In this measure, we move away in them from that position of bureaucratic control, in direction to the one of the educator of the educator.